Omaha Magazine, LTD. has five print publications created in-house: Omaha Magazine, OmahaHome, B2B Business Magazine, FamilyGuide, and 60 Plus in Omaha.

Omaha Magazines
For over 30 years, Omaha Magazine has brought stories of the city’s most fascinating people and interesting places. This regional lifestyle magazine serves a readership of more than 180,000 people, both print and web, reaching local homes, professional offices, and nearly every hotel/motel room in the area. Omaha Magazine also hosts the Best of Omaha™ contest.




B2B Magazine Omaha's premier business publication

B2B is Omaha’s premier business publication. From the fresh to the familiar, and the groundbreaking to the successful—the magazine boasts profiles of local corporations, businesses, and business owners and features on the latest in travel, entertainment, web-based business, education, technology, corporate wellness, entrepreneurs, and marketing. B2B is also the host of the annual Best of B2B™ contest, which recognizes local businesses and services for their excellence in the community.



brings you the best Omaha homes, neighborhoods, and home-related businesses! The magazine spotlights unique and beautiful homes in the Omaha area and its owners. Each issue also features a mix of makers, DIYs, architecture profiles, room spotlights, neighborhood profiles, home transformations, and more!





Family Guide
FamilyGuide is an annual family publication distributed throughout the Omaha area school districts, local health care offices, retail shops, grocery stores, and salons and spas. The magazine is a by-product of merging three older publications called HerFamily, Family Spectrum and HerLiving. It features stories for Omaha families, focusing on parenting, health, education, and activities.




60 Plus in Omaha

60 Plus in Omaha

60 Plus in Omaha is the newest addition to the Omaha Magazine publications family. Living an active life, how to stay stylish at ages 60 and beyond, advances in health care, and profiles of retirees traveling and starting anew are all featured within 60 Plus in Omaha.