Premier Wealth Advisors

Here are the results from the 2013 Premier Wealth Advisors:


Advisor Practice Name
Avg. $ Assets Under Management per ClientAvg. # of Clients per AdvisorAdvisor to Support Staffmiddle 5 Specialties
& Credentials
City, State, Phone #

Bob Kenny
RBC Wealth Management
$220,000 640 1:1 RP,IM,RS,PM,CM Omaha, NE
Callahan Financial Planning Company
TD Ameritrade Institutional
$365,000 26 2 : 1 RP,FP,IM,EP,ES Omaha, NE
Cambridge Advisors Inc.
Cambridge Advisors Inc.
$665,000 57 5 : 1 RP,FP,IM,PM,AM Omaha, NE
Carson Wealth Management Group
$4,700,000 75 10 : 10 FP,IM,EP,PM,AM Omaha, NE
Curnes Financial Group
Curnes Financial Group
$620,000 91 11 : 4 RP,FP,WP,IM,PM Omaha, NE
Egermier Wealth Management Group
LPL Financial
$200,000 109 4 : 2 RP,FP,WP,CM,AM Omaha, NE
Ethen Bagley Group
Merrill Lynch
$625,000 168 2 : 3 RP,FP,IM,PM,CM Omaha, NE
Feltz WealthPLAN
LPL Financial
$450,000 186 7 : 13 RP,FP,IM,CM,AM Omaha, NE
Frank J. Ward
First National Investments and Planning
$150,000 300 2 : 1 RP,FP,SP,IM,CM Omaha, NE
Furstenau Financial Management
LPL Financial
$230,000 337 1 : 2 RP,WP,IM,PM,CM Neligh, NE
Harrison Financial Services
Northwestern Mutual Investment Services
$1,600,000 60 3 : 4 FP,WP,IM,EP,CM Omaha, NE
John “Buzz” Garlock
RBC Wealth Management
$2,400,000 267 1 : 2 RP,FP,IM,RS,PM Omaha, NE
Kelley Investment Team
RBC Wealth Management
$1,755,000 300 2 : 3 RP,WP,IM,CM Omaha, NE
Kerlik, Sadler, Smith & Associates
Ameriprise Financial
$300,000 80 5 : 1 RP,FP,WP,EP,CM Omaha, NE
Korkow and Associates
Merrill Lynch
$650,000 113 2 : 2 RP,FP,WP,RS,RM Omaha, NE
Manarin Investment Counsel
Manarin Investment Counsel
$220,000 278 9 : 1 RP,FP,IM,PM,CM Omaha, NE
Mariner Wealth Advisors Omaha
Mariner Wealth Advisors
$620,000 80 6 : 4 RP,FP,WP,IM,CM Omaha, NE
Militti Group
Morgan Stanley
$3,000,000 42 3 : 1 3 : 1 Omaha, NE
Moylan Kropp Retirement Planning, LLC
Securities America
$445,000 125 4 : 1 RP,FP,WP,EP,CM Omaha, NE
Mundy & Associates
NFP Securities
$790,000 90 1 : 1 RP,IM,EP,PM,CM Omaha, NE
Omaha Group
Morgan Stanley
$1,200,000 100 5 : 2 RP,IM,BP,PM,CM Omaha, NE
SilverStone Asset Management
SilverStone Asset Management
$8,350,000 50 2 : 7 RP,WP,IM,EP,CM Omaha, NE
Slattery & Hruby Group
Merrill Lynch
$1,460,000 171 2 : 2 RP,RM,EP,PM,CM Omaha, NE
Union Investment Management Group
Union Bank & Trust
$2,450,000 141 11 : 4 FP,IM,EP,PM,CM Lincoln, NE
Vintage Financial Group, LLC
Vintage Financial Group, LLC
$100,000 473 4 : 5 RP,FP,WP,BP,EP Omaha, NE
Welsh Group
Morgan Stanley
$810,000 125 2 : 1 RP,FP,WP,PM,CM Omaha, NE


Credentials Index:
CEP- Certified Estate Planner
CFA- Chartered Financial Analyst
CFP- Certified Financial Planner
CIMA- Certified Investment Management Analyst
CAIA- Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
CPWA- Certified Private Wealth Advisor
CHFC- Chartered Financial Consultant
CRPS- Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist
CLU- Chartered Life Underwriter
MCEP- Master Certified Estate Planner
CPA- Certified Public Accountant
AIF- Accredited Investment Fiduciary
Specialties Index:
RP: Retirement Planning
FP: Financial Planning
EP: Estate Planning
SP: Special Needs Planning
PP: Philanthropic Planning
BP: Business Planning
WP: Wealth Preservation/Insurance
CP: Capital Preservation
CM: Comprehensive Wealth Management
AM: Asset Allocation Management
PM: Portfolio Management
IM: Investment Management
RM: Risk Management
LM: Liability Management
RS: Retirement Services
CS: Corporate Services
FS: Family Office Services
ES: Executive Services
PA: Professional Athletes
HP: High Profiled Individuals
LC: Low Cost Provider
SA: Separately Managed Accounts


The National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) is an unaffiliated, nonprofit organization based in Colorado that was created to tackle the daunting challenge of identifying top practitioners, and through the process help reform the public’s perception of the industry and its professional membership. NABCAP currently has a presence in thirty-five plus U.S. markets.

The nonprofit along with its board of directors developed a formula designed to identify the best practices as determined by NABCAP. Separating and distinguishing the strongest practitioners from the industry’s pool of advisors is a solution with merit. The difficulty lies in the clear need for transparency. “I’m very interested and concerned about the integrity of the industry,” says Dr. Chuck King, NABCAP board vice president. “Our goal is to make sure that the people who make our list meet our guidelines. It’s not about just hanging out a shingle. One of the reasons I got involved was the need for more scrutiny.” The public requires a reliable, independent resource to provide clarity for their financial decisions. NABCAP was formed to help clarify the picture. And while NABCAP knows there is no perfect solution, it is committed to promoting higher standards and transparency, which are vital to the long-term success of the investing public. “We’re not just counting assets under management,” says King. “We’re interested in the processes used. And we don’t just take anybody. This is not a pay-to-play Organization. I’m a big believer in free markets. And what makes free markets work is information, not a lot of regulations. The more perfect the information, the more perfect the regulation.”


The primary focus of NABCAP is to serve the needs of the investing public by helping identify top wealth managers. NABCAP and its board of directors created an unaffiliated evaluation process in which 20 categories of practice management are assessed. Advisors are invited and/or nominated to participate by submitting an online questionnaire. The multi-step verification process utilizes independent resources to assess the accuracy and truthfulness of the information submitted by participating advisory practices. NABCAP’s methodology is unique in deciphering advisors because it is primarily objective, not subjective, and helps add transparency for the investor’s benefit. NABCAP takes pride that its list of Premier Advisors is not merely defined by Assets Under Management (A.U.M.), revenues produced or even worse, popularity. Alternatively, NABCAP attempts to identify top advisors regardless of size, firm or affiliation.


Even though NABCAP’s vetting process is comprehensive in evaluating advisors, every single practice on the list most likely will not fit you the investor. The list of advisory practices is in alphabetical order; NABCAP believes there is not one perfect practice for every investor out there. The first step recommended by NABCAP is to narrow down the list of practices by average client size. It is recommended you select practices that have an average client size of ½ – ¼ the size client you would estimate yourself, family or business to be. For example, if you have approximately $2 million of investable assets then identify practices with an average client size of $500K-
1million. This way, you fall within the top 20% of a practice’s entire clientele. This increases the probability you receive the practice’s top shelf service, care and attention. In addition to narrowing down the field of practices by average size client, it is recommended you also reference the practice’s top 5 specialties and designations to assure they are equipped and focused on handling your individual needs. Try to select at least 3 practices to interview for different personalities, service models and practice methodologies.

NABCAP’s focus is to provide objective differentiation between financial advisory practices and through their evaluation process to help add transparency to the Financial Services Industry. Even though the NABCAP Premier Advisors’ list is comprehensive it should not be considered exhaustive and the following disclaimers should be considered:

  • To ensure the best interests of the investing public, NABCAP does not accept financial support from advisory practices, financial institutions or the media in exchange for beneficial reviews, rankings or industry insight. NABCAP is not affiliated with any advisor or financial institution participating in the survey.
  • Selecting a NABCAP Premier Advisor is no guarantee as to future investment success nor is there any guarantee that the selected financial advisory practice will be designated as a Premier Advisor by NABCAP in the future.
  • The inclusion of a financial advisory practice on the NABCAP Premier Advisor’s list should not be construed as an endorsement of the financial advisory practice by NABCAP or Omaha Magazine.
  • Although NABCAP invites all advisors in a market to participate, the final decision lies with the advisor and as such there may be advisors who would qualify but do not appear on the list as they chose not to participate and if they were included some advisors on this list would not have been included.
  • NABCAP screens candidates for regulatory compliance issues: checks and balances are imposed to limit the inclusion of an advisor with a negative regulatory history or multiple client complaints. These checks and balances include:
  • NABCAP requires financial advisors to be registered/licensed financial advisors in good standing with state and federal regulatory bodies. In addition NABCAP requires financial advisors to be in compliance with their respective broker/dealer or affiliated representation
  • NABCAP reviews each financial advisor and support staff’s U-4 or ADV to verify their employment and compliance record.
  • If an advisory practice makes the list with a settlement on their record we recommend that investors inquire with the advisory practice as well with their supervisor for the nature of the settlement.
  • The supervisor survey is structured to make it equally easy for a respondent to give negative or positive responses and the method of calculating results incorporates both negative and positive survey responses
  • NABCAP does not perform subjective analysis of the survey results but assigns numerical ratings based on questionnaire and survey responses, as well as third party verification.
  • 3,500+ direct contacts were made via email and mail in Nebraska and 36,000 indirect to subscribers for participation/nomination of participants. Premier Advisors list will not exceed 3.5% of each market’s financial advisory practices
  • NABCAP created the methodology and process. Rank Premier Advisors is contracted to administer the evaluation process.
  • All advertisements in the special advertising section were sold exclusively by Omaha Magazine and not endorsed in any way by NABCAP.



As impossible as it may seem, the U.S. population has experienced some slight growth on the heels of the second worst recession this country has ever experienced. According to CapGemini’s World Wealth Report 2011, the population of High Net-worth Individuals in North America has risen 25% since 2008. Even considering this slight incline in personal wealth, the fundamentals on the current US economy are still in an unstable state with talks of possibly entering another recessionary period. It remains critical that investors are able to identify quality wealth managers to assist them in weathering these challenging market environments. NABCAP’s objective research has proven to identify quality practitioners in over 35+ US markets since the recession.

The National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) was created in 2008 by it’s board of directors — representing industry insiders, investors and non-industry professionals — with over four years of research and interviews with investors and advisors. One of NABCAP’s main objectives is to hold the investment advising community to a higher standard, said Chuck King, NABCAP board vice president and dean emeritus of the School of Business and Leadership at Colorado Christian University. To ensure the best interest of the investing public, NABCAP does not accept financial support from advisory practices, financial institutions, or the media in exchange for beneficial reviews, rankings or industry insights. “This isn’t a money-driven effort,” said King. “It’s designed purely to provide information to investors and not to line someone’s pocket. Until financial advisors and banks and everyone else begins to police themselves we’re going to have problems. It’s essential that markets are operating properly for a free enterprise system to work.”
The nonprofit organization is achieving its overarching goal of empowering the investing community by adding transparency to financial services industry. NABCAP Premier Advisors lists are a powerful reference for investors to identify the top wealth managers in their local market. Each market varies in size and is based on participation. Neither advisors nor firms pay to participate. With over 400,000 registered investment professionals nationally NABCAP has their work cut out for them. The nonprofit plans to expand it’s footprint to even more US markets in the immediate future. Below is a chart of the current markets open to participation for advisors, and investors, you the reader, to utilize the research for better informative decisions towards personal financial needs. To learn more about NABCAP please visit or email