Kat Moser’s Photographs

February 25, 2013 · Posted In: Art, Downtown, Encounter, Lifestyle, People

Kat Moser “fell in love with photography” while watching a cousin develop pictures in a home darkroom, and although she was only 6, her heart was won. It would be more than 50 years before […]

Let’s Get Icky

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Derek Pressnall’s enthusiasm is warm and contagious. Get him talking about creating music or playing live, and he’ll get a light in his eyes and say, “I love it.” He’s the veteran, been in a […]


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Two elderly gentlemen are just getting up from the table. “We don’t work here,” the one in the knit sweater says gallantly, “but we could probably seat you.” They probably could at that, if they’re […]

Elle Lien Lynch

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“If this were a movie set,” says Elle Lien Lynch, gesturing to the coffee shop, “everything that you see would be something that the set dec buyer would have to find and buy. The one […]

Joslyn Art Museum Docents

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If you don’t know the names, you recognize the faces. Visitors to Joslyn Art Museum on 24th and Dodge streets enjoy the tours offered by well-trained docents, and aficionados have their favorite guides. Surely, the […]

Seth McMillan

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Seth McMillan, is a self-proclaimed “accounting nerd” by day at Infogroup and by night he’s owner and renaissance man of the quirky downtown men’s boutique McLovin on 10th and Mason streets. McMillan considers himself an […]

Dusty and Marlina Davidson

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In a fit of late-night online browsing in 2004, Dusty and Marlina Davidson responded to a quirkily written classified for an Old Market apartment: “Super fly loft. Huge windows, two bedrooms, 2,000 square feet.” With […]

Believe the Omahype

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Omaha resident Will Simons has worn many hats. As the managing editor of the now defunct Omaha City Weekly, he flexed his journalistic prowess while balancing a music career in the local band Thunder Power […]

Tana Quincy

November 25, 2012 · Posted In: Art, HerFamily, Lifestyle, People

The phrase “I really don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t paint,” is a bit modest coming from Tana Quincy. Faced with the prospect of truly not being able to paint thanks to chronic […]

Courtney Stein

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If all the world’s a stage, then 25-year-old actress, dancer, and choreographer Courtney Stein is definitely a player. While performing in the musical Once On This Island at the tender age of 5, Stein, who […]