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When most people in Omaha hear the name Marco, they usually think of copiers and printers. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, says Dan Urzendowski, Marco’s IT regional sales manager. In reality, the company has quietly become a leading contender in business IT. Though Marco may be Omaha’s best kept IT secret, Urzendowski believes that’s about to change.

Marco has been in the industry since 1973, and a business IT services provider since 1985. In the last five years, Marco has expanded its services in Omaha—and across the Midwest—to become a full-service integrator with pre- and post-sales engineering, project management, managed services, and managed cloud. 

To be a leader in business IT, Marco invests heavily in its people. More than half of its 1,200 employees are certified systems engineers and technical representatives. Many of those individuals staff Marco’s world class client services center. 

The company has also formed strong partnerships with leading technology providers such as Cisco, Mitel, Microsoft, HP, and Dell. 

But, perhaps the biggest asset Marco brings to the IT table is its focus on the client experience. 

“We believe offering support services is not only about fixing technology problems but equally important is providing our clients with a great experience,” says Urzendowski.  “To make that experience the best in the industry, we’re constantly working to perfect our methodologies and the processes…We put feedback to use to make the client experience even better the next time.”  

98 percent of live calls are answered within 7 seconds

When a customer calls Marco, they get a live person who is part of the company’s rapid response team. These individuals are technically trained to resolve common requests that are easy to remediate. 

Warm call transfers

If a call requires a more advanced technical skill set, the rapid response team member will document and triage the ticket to provide the caller with a live, three-way dialogue between the caller, the rapid response team member and the level-two technician on the customer’s care team. This allows the end user to verify that the rapid response member understands the problem, and it prevents the caller from having to repeat the issue. 

Dedicated care teams

To further deliver a more personal and efficient customer experience, Marco assigns each business a dedicated care team of 6-8 highly trained techs who know and understand the specific nuances of that client’s industry, vertical applications, and computing platform. This gives the technicians the ability to apply more context to issues and reach quicker resolutions. 

Comprehensive metrics

The company continuously compiles and analyzes real-time data to determine how efficiently and effectively it is interacting with customers. It also measures its performance by surveying clients and end users. That information—along with other detailed metrics—is shared with the client on a regular basis. 

Urzendowski knows it’s only a matter of time before Omaha’s best kept IT secret goes mainstream. When it does, he says the Marco team in Omaha is ready.

7929 W. Center Road
Omaha, NE 68124

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Omaha Magazine

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Omaha is about the larger community—the artists, the businesspeople, the philanthropists, the families. Omaha Magazine publisher Todd Lemke truly believes this, which is why the company motto is “It’s About All of Us.”

The magazine celebrates 36 years of production in 2018. Lemke began the company in 1983, two years after graduating from UNL with a degree in journalism, with the purchase of an alternative newspaper called City Slicker. He turned the publication into a “slicker,” transitioning it immediately into a four-color glossy magazine. Upon discovering that advertisers wanted to appeal to people “past the party age,” he transitioned City Slicker into a free magazine titled Omaha Today.

Lemke wanted to continue growing, and his next move, in 1987, was to purchase a monthly publication titled Our City, which listed local places to shop, eat, and be entertained—an ideal publication to place in hotels around our city.

By this time, Lemke’s friend Greg Bruns began working with him in advertising sales. Bruns, having difficulty selling for a rather generically-named publication, asked Lemke to think about changing the name of Our City. That thought became a reality in 1989 when the preferred name, Omaha Magazine, became available.

There has been an Omaha Magazine in the area since 1890, but in the late 1980s, the registration on the name lapsed, and Lemke grabbed the chance to gain the perfect name for the company while merging his two publications.

Others believed Omaha Magazine to be the perfect name for the company, also. With a less generic name, the sales staff was able to increase revenue, which resulted in more content for the magazine. The editorial staff used the extra room to print profiles of people and more in-depth features about the community.

Along the way, the family-owned company has retained a family-friendly atmosphere. At least four employees currently hold the last name Lemke—brother Tyler, niece Sarah, nephew Alex, and Todd’s mother, Gwen. Many children of the employees have held summer jobs or internships, even becoming full-time employees themselves.

Today, nearly 30 employees adhere to the company’s core values of community, respect, passion, integrity, creativity, and excellence—driven by the desire to tell the best stories in Omaha.  

And it does. The magazine has won several awards for staffers’ work, most recently the 2018 Magazine of the Year award, won by the creative staff from the Great Plains Journalism Awards in Oklahoma. In 2017, creative director Bill Sitzmann won Magazine Photographer of the Year, and nearly swept the magazine photography award categories, at the Great Plains Journalism Awards. 

“We are a read, not a flip,” Lemke says. “We are a rare combination of informative, entertaining material, great design, and incredible photography. Because of that, we have a highly educated reader.”

Those readers include everyone from millennials to members of the greatest generation. Each issue brings readers people profiles, arts and culture stories, food-related reports, multiple event calendars, home articles, and unique features.

“It’s about all of us,” Lemke reiterates.

5921 S 118th Cir.
Omaha, NE 68106

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Elman Print

Elman sales executive Adam Michaelsen can’t help but be excited about some new additions to Elman Print, including the nine new pieces of state-of-the-art equipment added in the last 18 months. Some of the equipment is designed to take a lot of the burden of physical labor off the employees while some of it was ordered because employees expressed an interest in a new challenge. “Our staff was ready to step outside the box and try something new, like die cutting, embossing, and foil stamping,” says Michaelsen, adding that Elman Print’s leadership has a long history of listening to employees and poising them for success in new challenges. “The culture Mark has developed means looking out for our employees and customers. It’s like a family environment—we’re so close knit,” says sales executive Kelsey Elman-Goldsmith, referring to president Mark Elman.

Elman Print has been encouraging employees to learn and excel. “Mark likes to make lives better for employees,” says Goldsmith. Goldsmith explains that Mark makes his equipment purchases in a very calculated way; not only does he listen to employee needs and wants, but it’s also about “continued growth.”

Visitors to Elman Print will likely notice the visible age differences among the staff. This mix of older employees working alongside younger employees isn’t a chance happening. It’s intentional, and it’s part of what helps Elman Print succeed. “It’s refreshing to see the young faces along with the experienced generation that’s been around for years and years,” says Michaelsen. “It’s a cool blend and it’s neat to see. The younger employees learn the tricks of the trade while the veteran employees learn all the newest technology and innovations.”

With such a wide spectrum of ages working at Elman Print, there is “no lapse in knowledge,” explains Goldsmith. “We have a legacy of employees who are proud to work at Elman. When the ages of all 35 employees working here are averaged together, the median age is 42—some of those employees have been with the company since 1977.” 

“So while some people might say, ‘Wow, you have some really young staff,’ the truth is that it’s intended and strategic,” says Michaelsen. Goldsmith agrees, saying, “The veteran employees will always be a part of our legacy, and the younger employees are eager to step up to the plate. We want to have a seamless transfer of roles when the time comes.” 

The result is a well-trained team, armed with state-of-the-art technology, serving a loyal customer base. “It’s rewarding to have customers come back every time,” says Michaelsen. “They’re putting faith in our team. If they come to us with a big project and not a lot of time to do it, we hit the ground running. It’s gratifying that they have faith and trust in our team.”

It’s no wonder customers have so much trust in Elman Print. The very first press used by the company is still in use right alongside the newest equipment because of the company’s longstanding practice of maintaining equipment impeccably. “We’re planning ahead with our equipment and software for the future,” says Goldsmith. “We’re not going anywhere; we’re in it for the long haul.” Goldsmith is referring to the newest piece of equipment on the Elman Print production floor, a brand-new large format press that will launch Elman into a new market. 

Similarly to all the staff working together seamlessly, all the equipment is synced using advanced software that allows the equipment to “talk” to each other. Modern technology allows Elman the flexibility to print on “just about anything,” says Goldsmith. 

It’s a formula that’s worked well for Elman Print for more than 40 years: the old and the new, working side by side to get the job done. As time goes on, the faces of Elman may change, as may the equipment used to get the job done, but the high level of customer service and the quality of work will never change. 

Interestingly, the sales staff is trained on the entire printing process. “The sales staff can do anything within the shop,” says Goldsmith. “Mark saw and understood the importance of understanding the print process from beginning to end. As salespeople we can’t explain the process without learning it ourselves. It took time but paid dividends in the long run,” says Michaelsen. 

Elman Print strives to be more than a printer; they want to be a partner to their customers. They want their products to be a piece of the puzzle that helps clients succeed. “When our clients see success, we’re proud to be their partner,” says Goldsmith. “We exceed our client’s expectations on every job and continue our culture of trust and continuous improvement.”

6210 S. 118th St.
Omaha, NE 68137

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Ciaccio Roofing Corp.

In the 30 years since Pete Ciaccio founded Ciaccio Roofing Corp., the company has never needed its own services more than after a heavy round of destructive hail last summer. But the needs of its clients came first. 

“Our roof was totaled by that storm. The remainder of the year we worked long hours focused on helping all our neighbors, friends, previous customers, and new customers with their roof damage/insurance claims while dealing with our own as well,” says Brett Ciaccio, the company’s general operations manager. 

Replacement work is finally in progress for the battered roof of the company’s 16,000-square-foot facility. In the typical “can-do” approach Ciaccio Roofing has become known for, the Ciaccios have turned devastating damage into an opportunity to showcase their capability and upgrade to a “more energized workplace,” Brett Ciaccio says. 

“We are implementing skylights in order to swap the old synthetic lighting for natural light,” he says. “We also doing this to provide a demo for our customers to come see for themselves if they are considering the same option.”

Ciaccio Roofing is known regionally for being the state’s largest contractor for Duro-Last, a premium commercial roof and roofing systems manufacturer. However, the past year has demonstrated why the company has earned a reputation for being able to handle an impressive variety of projects. 

“We are well-versed, and certified, to install multiple roof systems and roof accessories. We are experienced with installing metal, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber), tile, slate, and modified roof systems as well as skylights. We have also designed and installed fascia, soffit, and metal wall systems,” Brett Ciaccio says. “I would like to emphasize to our potential residential customers that they do not have to stick with a typical asphalt shingle for their roof. There is a wide array of options out there, from exposed fastener and standing seam metal roofs to stone-coated steel to synthetic and natural slate/tile roofs. We can help you decide what options are available and are best for your roof.”

To ensure Ciaccio Roofing maintains its high level of service, the company has made some operational and staffing changes in the last year, Brett Ciaccio says, but some elements imbedded into the organization’s structure are everlasting. 

“We operate with the same honesty, integrity, and work ethic that my dad has exemplified through Ciaccio Roofing over the past 30-plus years,” he explains. “I believe we have lasted for more than three decades because of (that). We have always strived to build long-term customer relationships, meet our customer’s needs and wants big or small, and push ourselves to have some of the highest quality workmanship around.”

Pete Ciaccio says his company was built on integrity and his team has endeavored since the beginning to instill both confidence and peace of mind. There’s no mystery behind its longevity or why business continues to grow through referrals.

“We take care of our customers,” he says. 

4420 Izard St.
Omaha, NE 68131

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Team Software, Inc.

When 130 people of TEAM Software celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary next year, they’ll certainly be looking back and reflecting on the history of the business. It’s a little ironic, because TEAM’s success was built on always looking ahead, CEO and President John Leiferman says.

“We’re focused on innovation and continuing to deliver future value, not just current value,” he says. “We’ve had to adapt to rapid changes in technology and anticipate what our customers are going to need down the road.”

TEAM Software was founded by Frank Labedz, Sherri Labedz, and Darrell Uttecht to provide an integrated, business management system to help building service and security contractors organize operations, streamline accounting processes, and gain insight into profitability. 

The company continues to make companies with distributed workforces more productive, competitive, and successful through transformative technology, so only the technology and channels have changed over the years. Today, TEAM Software primarily develops cloud-based business solutions designed for contractors in the building service and security industries throughout North America. 

“We’ve been serving those two markets for the entire 30 years,” Leiferman says. 

Since the beginning, TEAM Software has been known for a positive workplace culture and outstanding customer service. The company became employee-owned in 2007 and client relationships average over 11 years.

“Our values have generally stayed the same,” Leiferman says. “Taking care of each other and taking care of our customers is really important to us, and as our customers have grown, so have we.”

407 S. 27th Ave.
Omaha, NE 68131

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Lockton Companies

Associates, clients, and communities. Since day one, these have been at the center of what Lockton does. As the world’s largest privately owned, independent insurance broker and consultant, Lockton specializes in risk management, employee benefits, and retirement services.

Lockton was founded in 1966 in Kansas City with one associate, Jack Lockton. He worked hard to convince prospective clients to move their business from larger brokers to Lockton. As a small start-up, that wasn’t easy, so when Lockton got a client, they did what it took to keep them. That focus on service is alive and well at Lockton today. 

Lockton opened its Omaha office in 2011 under the leadership of Jack Struyk. Since then, Lockton Omaha has grown from seven associates to more than 40 associates. Lockton Omaha has several producers and dozens of experts ready to help clients protect their most valuable assets—their people, property, and reputations. Here’s an intro to some producers in the Lockton Omaha office:

Jack Struyk, an Omaha native, leads Lockton’s Nebraska business as president/partner of the Omaha office. Struyk has more than 35 years of experience in risk management, underwriting, and insurance brokerage. He has brokered insurance programs for large employers throughout the country for the last 25 years, in construction, health care, manufacturing, real estate, and retail. 

For more than 20 years, Bob Harry has been an active leader in the insurance industry. He has extensive knowledge in the placement, servicing, and sales aspects in the manufacturing and real estate industries. Harry holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Alex Petrovich is a business-to-business client advocate and adviser with a focus on developing customized risk management and employee benefits solutions for middle market, and large privately and publicly traded organizations. With more than a decade of experience his goal is to align the strategic goals of clients to their risk management objectives. 

With more than two decades of experience in investment management, retirement plan design, and fiduciary governance practices, Jason Smith helps clients with their bottom line. He has been named among the 300 most influential defined contribution advisers for four years running. Smith holds designations as both a qualified plan financial consultant and a certified financial planner (CFP).  

Lockton’s goal is to be the best place to work and do business, and their private ownership ensures that their strategic decisions are focused on their three constituents—associates, clients, and communities—versus delivering quarterly results for shareholder. As Lockton chairman David Lockton says, “Our horizon is a quarter of a century, not a quarter of a year.” 

Lockton Companies
13710 FNB Parkway, Suite No. 400  
Omaha, NE 68154

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General Fire & Safety

One might think that the act of saving lives and property would be enough to merit a company keeping its doors open for more than 50 years, but as CEO Jason McDonald reveals, “It’s about hiring good people, having a high character, and great attitudes!” 

“Stay smart and humble because nothing is guaranteed. Work hard every day; without our clients, we wouldn’t exist.” McDonald started as the general manager of General Fire & Safety in 1999 before he became part owner in 2014. He took full ownership of the company in January 2017 and has worked full steam ahead ever since then. 

“Instead of just putting in our eight hours of work and being done, we go the extra mile. If we tell customers something will get done, we get it done,” says McDonald. “Our clients know they can trust us. We’re going to pick up the phone any time of day or night and drop everything until the problem is resolved.”

Up-to-date training is vital in McDonald’s line of work. “We’re training our technicians every day,” he says. He also urges his employees to “see the bigger picture. “The client’s needs are our number one priority.”

General Fire & Safety is one of the largest fire protection and safety equipment companies in Nebraska and Iowa. Customers turn to McDonald and his crew to provide equipment, inspections, and training in fire safety and prevention. Fire prevention technology has changed over the years, but General Fire & Safety stays on top of the latest technology. “We stay fresh and we don’t just rest on our laurels,” he said. A long history of success doesn’t guarantee future success without hard work and integrity. “Whether we’re installing or inspecting, we do it correctly and per the code and manufacturer’s guidelines every time.”

McDonald and his crew frequently must deal with customers who aren’t having the best day. “It’s usually a fire or a fire issue,” said McDonald. “We understand and know that every second counts.” He instructs his employees to be “sincere, knowledgeable, and have a great attitude. Clients need to be the No. 1 objective.”

It’s no wonder clients like working with General Fire & Safety—they’re listened to, respected, and can be sure the technicians will do everything possible to exceed expectations. Clients expect the latest technology in fire safety and first aid, and General Fire & Safety delivers. 

General Fire & Safety is actively involved with the local community. McDonald serves as the president of the Elkhorn Athletic Association, serving more than 3000 local athletes. With locations in Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines, General Fire & Safety is a well-recognized leader in the local area. With award-winning service and a proven track record, this company’s future looks bright. When asked what he sees for the company’s future, McDonald has a simple answer: “Longevity,” he says confidently.  

5641 S. 85th Circle
Omaha, NE 68127

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