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Unlocking the Spirit of Christmas at Joslyn Castle

December 10, 2018 by
Photography by Kaylie Clineff

Omaha’s Joslyn Castle hosted an “unlocking” on Saturday, Dec. 8, to get the community in the Christmas spirit.

View live video from the event at Omaha Magazine‘s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OmahaMagazine/videos/1171471916345075/

The castle was decorated with elegant trees and twinkling lights. The mood was joyous.

Central High School’s all-girls choir singing Christmas carols as guest flooded indoors from the cold.

For the first hour of the event, visitors freely roamed Joslyn Castle’s first floor. Dinner followed in the music room, with a tour of the castle after dinner.

A limited number of guests had access to this event. Guests had the opportunity to view original furniture and clothing from the castle’s original inhabitants, Sarah and George Joslyn.

Event organizers spoke about the structure’s architectural elements and shared stories about how the Joslyns became Omaha’s first millionaires.

Visit joslyncastle.com for more information about Joslyn Castle.