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Creatures of Comfort

October 2, 2018 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Model Lucas E. lounges in a cozy downtown apartment armed for unwinding, with a good book in hand and clothes that are made for sporty style and comfort. 

Creatures of comfort by Jared Spence
Modeled by Lucas E. of Develop Models
Dogs: (from left) Baron Von Little Top & Luna
Birdhouse Design Studio/select furnishings
photography by Bill Sitzmann
design by Derek Joy
Clothing by Silo
Paintings by Josh Brown

This article was printed in the September/October 2018 edition of Encounter. 

Free to Be

May 29, 2014 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Jared Spence is a unique star in the dance of life. Seriously, you should see his dance moves.

“As a DJ, you always want Jared on your dance floor,” says Brent Crampton, DJ/co-creator of House of Loom and Berry and Rye. “He’ll be front and center just going off to the music.”

A jack of all trades and staple of the Old Market, Spence brings that same sincere enthusiasm to everything he does, whether beauty, fashion, journalism, design, theater makeup, or costuming.
He’s ubiquitous in Omaha’s social scene. If you’re out and about, especially downtown, you’ve likely shared a dancefloor or bartender. Perhaps that’s why a friend of Spence’s always introduces him as “an Omaha institution.”

“In college I really started to become one with Downtown,” says Spence, who moved to the Omaha area in elementary school.

Circa 2008, he worked at the now-closed boutique, Trocadero. During this time, he says, he really “fell in love with the area,” began doing styling for fashion shows and photo shoots downtown, and making lots of creative connections.

“[Downtown] is a very creative environment,” says Spence. “I feed off the energy and I’m always inspired by the different things and people I see.”

First it was work. Then it was work and play. Now Spence works, plays, and lives in the Old Market.
“It’s kind of a romantic thing, the relationship the Old Market and I have,” he says. “It’s just the best to me. Everything I need is here.”

Still freelancing as a stylist, Spence also works as a natural nail tech at Sirens at the Loft Salon & Day Spa, doing spa hand and foot services.

“I’ve always had an affinity for beauty, skincare, haircare … and I love helping people, making them feel good and beautiful,” he says.

“Jared is a unique soul,” says Sirens owner Chevy Kozisek. “His customer service is above and beyond—we get rave reviews about his pedicure treatments. He is amazing.”

On a typical day you might see Spence at Barry O’s, House of Loom, or Berry and Rye.

“Downtown is very cozy, spatially for sure, but also in terms of people,” he says. “It’s a friendly place where people feel comfortable no matter who they are, because they’re always so many different types of people.”

Spence, who now often wears makeup and occasionally a wig, was insecure growing up worried what others thought of him or how they might judge him.

“I’m a big advocate for being yourself,” he says. “I’ve learned that the beauty of being a person is being an individual. There’s no one else like you, or him or her or anyone. Being an individual is what it’s all about; it’s what sets you apart that makes you beautiful. And I think the Old Market is a great place to be yourself.”

Spence says he gets the occasional look when he’s out, but that doesn’t bother him.
“I think it’s important to make people aware that not everybody’s the same, but that you’re allowed to do what makes you feel good even if others don’t agree or understand.”

“Jared’s an integral part of downtown, bringing laughter and joy,” says Crampton. “He just wants to look fabulous and treat others like they’re fabulous. He has a gift for empathy and an ability to sense what others are feeling.”

Spence concurs he is “everybody’s Oprah,” doling out wisdom and support when needed.
“Happiness is a state of mind, it’s not something you wait for,” he says, with insight beyond his 25 years. “You have good days and bad, but focus on the positive and you’ll realize you’re surrounded by lots of love and opportunity.”

Work Hard, Play Hard

December 21, 2013 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

The holidays are over, and busy routines are back online. Thankfully, sometimes all it takes to go from day to night is a great bag.

Hair and makeup: MJ Hartig, Curb Appeal Salon and Spa

Nails: Imagine Uhlenbrock, Just Imagine Nails

Styling: Jared Spence

Modeling: Mark Finochiaro

Special thanks to Make Believe Studios


Frye wingtip boot, Overland
Artifact Bag Co. No. 426 in bridle leather


Artifact Bag Co. No. 426 in bridle leather
Sea glass dagger necklace, Heather Kita, Goldsmith Silversmith

Fashion: Jewelry Break

September 3, 2013 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

There’s nothing exactly wrong with indulging a taste for the finer things in life. Just be sure you’re ready to accept the consequences.

Modeled by Emily Solo of Des Moines, Hannah Blazek of Omaha, and Amber Hongsermeier of Omaha. Styled by Jared Spence. Hair & Makeup by Sirens at the Loft. Special thanks to Goldsmith Silversmith and the Historical Society of Pottawattamie County. Photographed at the Squirrel Cage Jail in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Photo 1: Regalia dyed freshwater pearl necklace, Regalia silver cuff, and Regalia smashed silver cuff from Goldsmith Silversmith, 1019 Howard St. – goldsmithsilversmith.com
Photo 2: (clockwise) Heather Kita brass circle pendant necklace, Heather Kita 14kt yellow gold disc on silver band, Regalia smashed silver cuff, Heather Kita sterling silver-faceted ring, Danielle Morgan sterling silver and black onyx necklace, Danielle Morgan sterling silver double cub necklace, and Heather Kita quartz crystal earrings from Goldsmith Silversmith, 1019 Howard St. – goldsmithsilversmith.com
Photo 3: Natalie Frigo brass cuff, Heather Kita brass and pyrite bib necklace, Heather Kita brass circle pendant necklace, and Heather Kita brass faceted ring from Goldsmith Silversmith, 1019 Howard St. – goldsmithsilversmith.com
Photo 4: Heather Kita quartz crystal earrings, Marisa Adamson quartz and sterling silver ring, and Regalia sterling silver and gold-plated bangles from Goldsmith Silversmith, 1019 Howard St. – goldsmithsilversmith.com

Photo 5: Regalia silver cuff, Regalia sterling silver and gold-plated bangles, Regalia sterling silver and gold-plated earrings, Natalie Frigo silver and crystal necklace, and Heather Kita brass-faceted triangle earrings from Goldsmith Silversmith, 1019 Howard St. – goldsmithsilversmith.com