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Faces of Omaha 2018

April 19, 2018 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Faces of Omaha is an annual sponsored publication that introduces a variety of “faces,” local industry leaders and experts, to the community. This exclusive publication was carefully cultivated​,​ so only one person and company per business category is invited to participate.

In the publishing industry, this sort of publication is known as “native advertising.” Native advertising is a unique form of sponsored content produced by editorial staff in conjunction with advertisers. The end result is an enjoyable book that has value to both the readers and advertisers.

Everyone featured in the book is truly the “face” of their field. Our sales team spent considerable time cultivating this list.

The following pages introduce more than 100 people and companies, the leaders in their respective areas of expertise, who stand ready to serve their community.  

Todd Lemke, publisher Omaha Publications

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Wendy Wiseman

April 7, 2018 by

The marketing firm Zaiss & Company infuses really smart, customer-driven strategies through breakthrough creative that gets results. “We dive deep into our customers’ businesses,” says President & Chief Creative Officer Wendy Wiseman. “We embrace their goals as our own, so our greatest satisfaction comes from helping our clients grow their businesses. Our clients have big ideas, impressive services and top-level products to offer. It’s an honor to share their stories—and their offerings to the world.” 

Zaiss & Company has been honored with an impressive list of marketing awards through the years. The company was just named B2B  Magazine’s Best Public Relations firm for 10 years in a row. In 2017, they received 15 national social media awards. 

“We deploy the right combination of channels to meet marketing goals,” Wiseman added. 

More than 30 years of success, and a footprint that spans the Greater Omaha area, nation, and the globe, is proof that Zaiss & Company’s relentless commitment to threading key strategies through creative is what makes the difference.   

Zaiss & company
11626 Nicholas St.
Omaha, NE 68154

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Tanya Murray

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Children 6 weeks to 12 years old are served by the youth programs at the YMCA of Greater Omaha. The assortment of available programs beyond those offered by the Early Learning Centers is impressive: refugee programs, sports, mentorship programs—all offered by the YMCA of Greater Omaha to help strengthen the community of the Omaha area.

The Early Learning Centers of the YMCA of Greater Omaha offer quality curriculum and assessments which help children grow and thrive upon entering school. Parent-teacher conferences help families set goals for the kids while kindergarten preparedness programs get young children ready for their first year of elementary school. “We have four brand new learning centers, for a total of six centers,” says Tanya Murray, YMCA of Greater Omaha executive director of Early Learning Centers. Partnering with CHI made the new centers possible.

Murray gets a little emotional when asked about her job. “I get really passionate about it,” she says. “I just want to be a blessing to other people and use my talents and strengths to work with kids and families and watch them grow.”   

YMCA of Greater Omaha
430 S. 20th St., Omaha, NE 68102

This sponsored content appeared in Faces of Omaha 2018. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/faces_2018/104

Ron and Andrew Popp

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Those with a sweet tooth already know that lunch or dinner at Wheatfield’s should always include dessert. The toughest challenge will be deciding what to order. 

According to Ron Popp, who owns and operates Wheatfield’s with wife Ruth Ann and son Andrew, Strawberry Wedding Cake is the most popular selection. “Most wedding cakes are dry because they’re made more for looks and structure rather than eating,” Ron says. “We figured out how to make a moist, creamy-tasting white wedding cake with a whipped-cream-based frosting.”

Cinnamon rolls are another popular choice, as are “favorite brownies.” If someone feels indecisive, Ron suggests the temptation tray: “We take all the bars that we make from scratch and cut them into bite-size pieces.” 

Among the take-home options available are homemade candies crafted by Andrew: fudge, divinity, peanut butter balls, and caramel corn, among others. Andrew’s talent for making candy comes naturally, according to Ruth Ann. She explains, “My grandfather was a candy maker, and I think it’s cool that Andrew also has a knack for it.”   

Wheatfield’s Eatery and Bakery
1224 S. 103rd St., Omaha, NE 68124

This sponsored content appeared in Faces of Omaha 2018. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/faces_2018/104

Nagi T. Ayoub, M.D., FACS

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Providing a great experience for each patient is a top priority for Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nagi Ayoub and his staff at Westfield Plastic Surgery Center. 

“Every patient requires a different approach, and you only find that out if you spend time with them,” explains Dr. Ayoub. “We take time to educate our patients by providing 3D imaging and simulation as well as a secure website where they can watch videos about their procedure and stay connected with us.” 

In addition to performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Ayoub offers a comprehensive range of noninvasive, and minimally invasive, services to help people look and feel their best, including laser hair removal, hydrofacials, injectables, teeth whitening, and skin care regimens. Patients who attain the best outcomes from surgery are those who have a clearly identifiable problem that can be addressed through a specific procedure. Dr. Ayoub enjoys seeing the positive transformations that take place in patients’ lives as a result of the work he does. In addition to treating patients, he teaches medical students at Creighton University Medical School.   

Westfield Plastic Surgery Center
9900 Nicholas St., Suite No. 300
Omaha, NE 68114

This sponsored content appeared in Faces of Omaha 2018. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/faces_2018/102

Deb Grafentin

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

The volleyball academy had a great opening year in their new facility. They were voted Best of Omaha for the sixth year in a row, and look forward to offering so much more than volleyball to the local community. Their variety of youth programs are available throughout the year (lessons, leagues, Li’l Diggers, schools, and camps). New programs are forming to meet the needs of what their clients, youth and adult, are asking for. Their adult leagues and tournaments are growing each session. Choose from fours or sixes, coed, men’s, or women’s volleyball, with a variety of levels of play.

The Volleyball Academy is not just a volleyball facility. The 50,000 sq. ft. facility can be used for corporate outings, banquets, gymnastic meets, coaches clinics/seminars, pickleball leagues and tournaments, martial arts meets/events, craft fairs, dances and/or receptions. The facility is open to the community’s needs. The academy will help anyone with their volleyball needs for training or matches. TVA has a coaching staff of over 50 ready to “serve.” TVA is the No. 1 volleyball facility in the metro area.  

The Volleyball Academy
11934 Portal Road

This sponsored content appeared in Faces of Omaha 2018. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/faces_2018/102

James Summerfelt

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

VNA believes everyone deserves the best care, kindness, and to feel better at home. “We provide expert, compassionate care to individuals at home and across the community,” explains James Summerfelt, president and CEO of Visiting Nurse Association (VNA). “Thanks to the ongoing support of our community, we are able to make this care assessable to all. We don’t turn anyone away due to their age, station in life or available resources.”

For more than a century, VNA has helped build a stronger, healthier community by providing timely solutions around the health issues of the day. As health care evolves, VNA’s expertise and vision have become especially relevant. VNA’s trusted quality of care and industry-leading outcomes have made us the provider of choice among Omaha and Council Bluffs area physicians and families. 

“We’re leveraging 120 years of experience to shape tomorrow’s care,” says Summerfelt. “It is our honor to be the first choice for in-home care.” VNA’s team of professionals is committed to providing clients with personalized, innovative care to help them live healthy, safe, and independent lives. 

Visiting Nurse Association (VNA)
12565 W. Center Road, Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68144

This sponsored content appeared in Faces of Omaha 2018. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/faces_2018/100

Ron and Brian Goracke

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Verdant group clients know that getting together with their accountant for year- end tax planning sessions can be made less stressful. Ron Goracke explains, “Our office is laid back; it’s friendly. Every client who walks in the door is our best friend.”

Verdant Group provides business planning, tax planning, and estate planning services to clients in the Omaha metro area. “We pride ourselves on our tax planning,” Brian Goracke says. “Anybody can file a tax return, but the things we can do for clients before the end of the year are what really save them money.”

Ron joined the firm immediately after graduating from college, but Brian worked as an investment advisor for 7 years before joining the family business. In addition to providing a welcoming environment for their clients, Verdant Group is a fun place to work. Ron remarks, “My dad taught me that it’s important that people enjoy what they do, enjoy where they work, and enjoy the people they work with.”   

Verdant Group
12110 Port Grace Blvd., Suite 100

This sponsored content appeared in Faces of Omaha 2018. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/faces_2018/100

The Veterinarians

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Veterinary emergencies often occur at inconvenient times. Fortunately, the Urgent Pet Care clinics in Millard and Papillion are open when most vet offices are closed—5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-midnight Saturdays, and 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sundays. Debbie Newhouse, practice administrator and co-owner, says the staff competently handles any veterinary emergency.

The staff at Urgent Pet Care understands a veterinary emergency can be an unexpected expense and strives to make emergency care as affordable  as possible. And with five veterinarians on staff—Doris Starks DVM, Kelly Westfall DVM, Emily Buhr DVM, Scott Yonker DVM, and Robyn Vinson DVM—pet owners can rest assured someone is available to help meet their needs.

“My partners and I are passionate about helping pets,” Newhouse says. “We try to do the very best we can for the pets we are able to help, and we try to help pet owners make the best decisions possible for their pets and for themselves.”   

Urgent Pet Care

8419 S. 73rd Plaza No. 107, Papillion, NE 68048

4257 S. 144th St., Omaha, NE 68137


This sponsored content appeared in Faces of Omaha 2018. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/faces_2018/98

Scott Robertson

Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Imagine flying nonstop from Omaha to any airport in North or South America and Europe, at any time of the day or night. According to UltraAir LLC President Scott Robertson, a major advantage of chartered air travel is the time it saves. “Some of our customers go to three different destinations and return to Omaha the same day,” he remarks. “And their time en route is more productive because they can hold business meetings on the airplane.”

Since 2002, UltraAir has provided charter flights to customers in the Omaha area. Safety is the company’s top priority. “We don’t feel that the FAA’s minimum requirements are stringent enough,” Robertson explains, “so we go to great lengths to exceed them. We get independent audits every year from two different organizations that come in and look at all of our policies and procedures and operations. We’re constantly analyzing everything we do and trying to do it more safely and more efficiently.”

In addition to providing chartered jet travel for companies and individuals, UltraAir performs acquisition, management, and maintenance services for airplane owners.  

UltraAir LLC
3737 Orville Plaza 

This sponsored content appeared in Faces of Omaha 2018. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/faces_2018/98