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Commercial Flooring Systems Inc.

May 15, 2018 by
Photography by Jeremy Wiecorek

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Project manager James Vanhauer officially joined the Commercial Flooring Systems Inc. team two years ago, yet it was not a difficult transition for him, considering that his father, Jim, founded the company 27 years ago. 

He’s pleased to be a part of this comprehensive team. “We’re a full-service flooring contractor offering a unique blend of services to our customers,” he says. 

Vanhauer knows the importance of having solid working relationships with the best interior designers within the Omaha community. They use that relationship to assist customers in selecting flooring products based on the right look and the optimum function, design, and performance. Customers are not on their own when it comes to choosing flooring because the CFS flooring experts help in every step of the process.

The Specialty Maintenance Division of CFS further sets the company apart for their ability to help customers in properly maintaining their flooring while strictly adhering to the unique maintenance guidelines set by each manufacturer’s warranty. “Usually flooring contractors have limited offerings,” says Vanhauer, “but the combination of services we offer truly sets CFS apart.”

11008 John Galt Blvd.

Commercial Flooring Systems, Inc.

July 14, 2017 by
Photography by Ariel Fried
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When Commercial Flooring Systems Business Development and Project Manager James Vanhauer Jr. describes the company as having a “family atmosphere,” there’s also a literal meaning: he represents the third generation to enter the field, under CEO Jim Sr.

For more than 25 years, the full-service flooring company has built a reputation for not compromising on quality, Vanhauer says. There’s objectivity from working with a range of manufacturers, and maintenance services to ensure the longest-lasting investments—sealing, restoration and polishing are all hot topics around their showroom and office in West Omaha.

Commercial Flooring Systems is a member of Starnet, a worldwide network of flooring professionals that enables their company to stay up to date with current trends. Locally, its work can be seen at such notable facilities as the Nebraska Medical Center-Lauritzen Outpatient Center, Creighton School of Law and Green Plains new corporate headquarters.

“We pride ourselves on doing things the right way and providing the most value, whether it’s with a contractor or directly with an organization,” Vanhauer says. “And our maintenance division offers support services that take that value a step further by reducing our customers’ cost of ownership and replacement costs.”

11008 John Galt Blvd.
Omaha, NE 68137