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Ciaccio Roofing Corp.

July 20, 2018 by

In the 30 years since Pete Ciaccio founded Ciaccio Roofing Corp., the company has never needed its own services more than after a heavy round of destructive hail last summer. But the needs of its clients came first. 

“Our roof was totaled by that storm. The remainder of the year we worked long hours focused on helping all our neighbors, friends, previous customers, and new customers with their roof damage/insurance claims while dealing with our own as well,” says Brett Ciaccio, the company’s general operations manager. 

Replacement work is finally in progress for the battered roof of the company’s 16,000-square-foot facility. In the typical “can-do” approach Ciaccio Roofing has become known for, the Ciaccios have turned devastating damage into an opportunity to showcase their capability and upgrade to a “more energized workplace,” Brett Ciaccio says. 

“We are implementing skylights in order to swap the old synthetic lighting for natural light,” he says. “We also doing this to provide a demo for our customers to come see for themselves if they are considering the same option.”

Ciaccio Roofing is known regionally for being the state’s largest contractor for Duro-Last, a premium commercial roof and roofing systems manufacturer. However, the past year has demonstrated why the company has earned a reputation for being able to handle an impressive variety of projects. 

“We are well-versed, and certified, to install multiple roof systems and roof accessories. We are experienced with installing metal, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber), tile, slate, and modified roof systems as well as skylights. We have also designed and installed fascia, soffit, and metal wall systems,” Brett Ciaccio says. “I would like to emphasize to our potential residential customers that they do not have to stick with a typical asphalt shingle for their roof. There is a wide array of options out there, from exposed fastener and standing seam metal roofs to stone-coated steel to synthetic and natural slate/tile roofs. We can help you decide what options are available and are best for your roof.”

To ensure Ciaccio Roofing maintains its high level of service, the company has made some operational and staffing changes in the last year, Brett Ciaccio says, but some elements imbedded into the organization’s structure are everlasting. 

“We operate with the same honesty, integrity, and work ethic that my dad has exemplified through Ciaccio Roofing over the past 30-plus years,” he explains. “I believe we have lasted for more than three decades because of (that). We have always strived to build long-term customer relationships, meet our customer’s needs and wants big or small, and push ourselves to have some of the highest quality workmanship around.”

Pete Ciaccio says his company was built on integrity and his team has endeavored since the beginning to instill both confidence and peace of mind. There’s no mystery behind its longevity or why business continues to grow through referrals.

“We take care of our customers,” he says. 

4420 Izard St.
Omaha, NE 68131

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Pete Ciaccio

April 6, 2018 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Pete Ciaccio has a simple explanation as to why Ciaccio Roofing Corp. focuses on commercial roofing. “Commercial roofs are flat and residential roofs are pitched. I’d rather be on a flat roof,” he jokes.

That’s not the only reason Ciaccio Roofing Corp. continues to rank as a top commercial roofing company—they’re the largest Duro-Last contractor in Nebraska, which is a designation they maintain as they win accolades year after year.

“We know how to get the job done and do it to code,” says Ciaccio. “We are the most knowledgeable with all the commercial materials that go into commercial roofing.”

Ciaccio Roofing Corp. celebrated more than 30 years in business. “We know when a tear-off is necessary and when it isn’t,” says Ciaccio. “We don’t skimp or cut corners, and we always work to the manufacturers’ specifications of each system.”

Pete Ciaccio has more than 40 years of personal roofing experience. “All the people on the roof are my people—our goal is to give our customers peace of mind because that gives us peace of mind.”   

Ciaccio Roofing CORP.
4420 Izard St., Omaha, NE 68131

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Ciaccio Roofing

September 1, 2017 by
Photography by Katie Anderson

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Integrity—doing what’s right by standing behind your work, product, and people—is what has always driven Pete Ciaccio and Ciaccio Roofing.

It’s a hallmark of doing business he witnessed as a youngster in the work of his parents, Ben and Mary, who owned and operated their business for decades.

“They had their own answering service—Telephone Secretarial of Omaha—and because it operated 24 hours a day, they worked a lot,” he says. “I watched them take great pride in what they did, and they always did it with integrity. I always do the same with my business dealings.”

Deciding to go into the roofing business instead of taking over his parents’ company, Ciaccio has been involved with repairing and replacing roofs for more than 30 years.

He actually got his start working with his father-in-law in the four corners that connect Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Living in Omaha and driving to and from Luverne, Minnesota (the company headquarters), weekly took its toll physically on Ciaccio’s body, so he convinced his father-in-law to join him and a new partner in his own venture in the Omaha area.

Ciaccio Roofing was born.     

Pete and his staff of 26-30 members (depending on the season) work predominantly on flat and metal roofs—mostly for commercial and industrial businesses—and they specialize in repairing and replacing. They also work on shingle roofs.

“We don’t chase the shingle market, but we will do them after storms when the demand is high,” he says. “But our bread-and-butter are flat roofs. It’s what sets us apart from everyone else.”

What also makes Ciaccio Roofing special in the roofing market is its commitment to being consistently responsive to client requests after work is complete—night or day, rain or shine (or snow).

Honoring their work and accepting responsibility when things go wrong or need to be fixed is something Ciaccio has always put first in his business transactions.

It’s a reflection of his commitment to his clients and his desire to honor his family name, strong work ethic, and integrity.

“Owning your own business has its challenges, but the rewards of working for yourself outweigh them,” Ciaccio says. “I just enjoy helping people find solutions to whatever their problems might be. Plus, we have clients all over the country, so I like the opportunity to see the United States.”

A very personable guy, Ciaccio says he enjoys the selling part of his business the most. It’s what built the business and continues to move it forward.

But running a business doesn’t always allow the time to do that—so he puts that social part of his personality to work in relating to, and dealing with, clients.

“I like building and maintaining relationships with clients and knowing that we have given them peace of mind in a job well done,” he said. “We have great employee loyalty and that’s because we treat each other well and that carries over to our clients. We take care of each other—that’s always our goal.”

4420 Izard St.
Omaha NE 68131