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Beat the Heat

Photography by Carlisle

Well girls, if you’re 60-plus there’s a lot you all have in common.  Regardless of shape and size, whether you’re short, tall, curvy, or thin, there are certain places you prefer to keep covered because they show your age.  In winter, turtlenecks and scarves cover up wrinkled necks.  Flabby arms can hide under long-sleeved blouses, sweaters, and jackets.  Nobody can see spider veins through your slacks, jeans, and boots.

Then along comes summer.  Aaaargh!

It’s a time when many women wonder how to keep cool when temperatures rise while still being comfortable baring parts kept under cover all winter long.  Once it’s time to “undress” for the heat, the challenge to do so with style can be overwhelming.

Perhaps most importantly, embrace who you are and what you look like now.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you don’t deserve quality new clothes just because you don’t look like you once did. Always dress for now and make the best of who you are!  I never knew or designed for a woman at any age who was totally happy with her body as is. And the better the body, the more the desire for perfection.

So now that the heat is on, here is my head-to-toe advice for looking your best while keeping your cool.

The easiest, breeziest styles are those that are either very short or long enough to pony-up.

Light make-up…with sunscreen.

Skin…moisturizing sunscreen everywhere!

Neck…open necklines will keep you cooler and take the focus away from the lines in your neck.  Summer scarves are great when it’s moderately warm, but when it’s hot, let go of hang ups about your neck.

Upper arms….as a society, we’re all too concerned with keeping them covered unless they look fabulous.  I say wear sleeveless anyway.   You limit your wardrobe too much if

you won’t wear sleeveless dresses and tops.  If covering arms up is a must for you, don’t exhaust yourself shopping for tops and dresses with sleeves.  Buy sleevleless ones, and wear light weight, loose-fitting natural fiber shirts and unlined jackets  loosely over them.  Sweaters…even cotton ones will be hot in hot weather.  They’re for cool evenings and air-conditioned places.  Scarves

and stoles can cover arms nicely, but you usually have work at keeping them in place.

Waist…Tight, heavy belts will make you feel hotter.

Legs…Lot’s of options here relating to Pants, Skirts and Dresses

PANTS in lightweight cottons and natural fiber blends will be most comfortable.  Jeans and most dark denims over-heat  in summer.   Ankle and capri pants are great.  SHORTS are taboo unless they are knee length.

SKIRTS are a cool and comfy alternative to pants and shorts. Many fun styles and lengths to choose from, but remember your knees are your length guide.  You can expose them, but nothing above them.

DRESSES can be your best wardrobe friends all summer.  If you remember the 60s, you should remember shifts.  Straight dresses to throw on and go everywhere in.  They’ve made a comeback , and they’re easy, cool, and fun to accessorize with jewelry, scarves .

SHEER PANTYHOSE or BARE LEGS?  Look in the mirror, you decide!

Feet…Take care of your feet.  They take you everywhere.  Keep them clean, buffed, moisturized and pretty.

SHOES and SANDALS should be fashionable and must be comfortable.  Comfort shoes have come a long way in looks recently.  No need to wear tennis shoes outside of the gym, and don’t wear shoes too tall to walk gracefully in either.  A woman should walk and carry herself gracefully at every age.

Finally, Black is your “Best Friend” color in every season but summer.  It really does absorb heat so wear White and lighter colors to keep your cool.

Mary Anne Vaccaro is a clothing and product designer and an image consultant to businesses and individuals.  She is also a sales consultant for Carlisle and PerSe, New York.

maryannevaccaro.com         carlislecollection.com


Tracking the Trends

April 14, 2014 by
Photography by Carlisle

Vogue calls 2014“The Year of Dressing Dangerously” and the year when “More is More.” They submit that the keyword of spring collections is “vibrant,” and challenge us to experiment with them and with the trends.

Sadly, so much of what we see from a high-fashion standpoint screams for attention by mixing elements that don’t relate for an overall look. The result shrieks style confusion. The high-fashion look today is, for the most part, high on bad taste. That said, there is still so much to choose from and style with that everyone can have a very “now” look, regardless of age.

Look to Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Carlisle for sophisticated yet relevant interpretations of the trends. If you leaf through magazines and mentally replace the head of the model with your own head, you will almost always assume the look is decidedly not for you. In contrast, I can flip through Carlisle’s Spring Lookbook and replace the young model’s faces (like the ones on this page) with those of almost every 60-plus woman I know. It is then that I see that trendy looks can also be ageless.

Finally, remember dressing with style is more about you than it is about the trend. Not every trend will be for you. The best news? There are enough of them out there that you’ll have lots of fun experimenting with new looks.