August 1, 2019 by
Photography by Katie Anderson

Gratton Warehouse Co. President Bo Gratton says the family-owned, third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse has endured for 125 years and five generations because its leaders have followed the simple principle of focused expertise.

“We do only what we do, and that’s warehousing,” Gratton said. “We do what we do best and we let our customers do what they do best: selling and manufacturing their products.”

The company has three facilities along the I Street industrial tract plus additional flex space, and its services support retailers and manufacturers through the storage and distribution process.

“Whether it’s food products, paper products, or something else, I can guarantee you that at some time you’ve touched something that has come through our warehouse,” Gratton said.

The company’s core values include an emphasis on communications, a positive attitude, doing the right thing, security, and accountability.

“Core values and mission statements are a big part of a company, but you have to live them,” Gratton said. “That’s why we succeed. We want this to be a place where everybody wants to be.”

11005 E Circle
Omaha, NE 68137