Nightcrawler Heaven

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This article appears in July/August 2015 Encounter. Let us now observe the urban jungles of Heartlandia and the Omaha teen, as he and she migrate to a small hole-in-the-wall in Little Bohemia where the coffee […]

Demolishing the Cost of Custom

A Bit of Motivation

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When it comes to exercise, motivation can be somewhat elusive. Good intentions fall by the wayside and soon enough we find ourselves stuck in the same old routine, or, probably more often, the routine of […]

Hilary Adams

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Tenures among key leadership positions at the Omaha Community Playhouse often span decades. It’s perhaps one of the main reasons that the largest community playhouse in America has earned its reputation as a treasured arts […]

Urban Blight

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I had a stock comment while at UNL meant to deflect Omahans who might try to diminish me for being from a town of only 4,600 people. “Just because I’m from a small town doesn’t […]

The Ratings Game

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Please excuse the meta-publishing moment here, but I’d like to unveil to you Omaha Magazine’s Top 10 Most Ridiculous Magazine Top 10s of all time. (Yes, these are real). 10.  Top 10 Unmentionable Facts About […]

Brand New Again

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Evolution is part of business. Change is good—required—for long-time businesses if they want to keep pace with the competition. Jeff Funk, president and CEO of the newly rebranded Fireplace Stone & Patio (formerly Lumbermen’s Hearth […]

The Man in the Marine T-Shirt

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Logan McDonald reported for duty as a U.S. Marine in October 2011. A month later, the then 18-year-old recruit from Mississippi was in a coma. He had sustained a severe brain injury from viral encephalitis, […]

Best of Omaha Festival

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Celebrate all that Omaha has to offer with Omaha Magazine’s annual Best of Omaha Festival  from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 5, at Baxter Arena. Come check out the top voted businesses, […]

Karen Linder

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According to, a Renaissance woman “has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field.”  Karen Linder has nailed it as a scientist, business leader, author, and artist. Linder’s dream to become a […]