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Kamrin Baker's Shiba Inu puppy, Mirio

Good Things in Community Updates

March 19, 2020 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine

Subscribe to this free weekly newsletter here. Normally, this newsletter features several events of interest around Omaha for you all to attend. But with pretty much every event being cancelled, we’ve decided to highlight some good things […]

Not Your Typical Rock ’n’ Rollers

Not Your Typical Rock ’n’ Rollers

March 3, 2020 · Posted In: Music, Omaha Magazine

What do more than 100—possibly tone-deaf, definitely buzzed—people jamming out with one of Omaha’s hottest up-and-coming bands at midtown’s O’Leaver’s Pub sound like? Bach Mai is wrapping their latest set with their folky, whistle-laden anthem […]

Mary Murphy in her new studio

The Art of the Gesture

Posted In: Art, Omaha Magazine, People

Mary Murphy is moving. She’s moving on—from the 1929 house on the tree-lined midtown street where she lived for 30 years and from her eight-year art studio home at the Mastercraft Building. She’s also moving […]

Dan Stolinski at gym

Red Vs. Blue

Posted In: Nonprofit, Omaha Magazine

Spectators dressed in red or blue file in the arena. The hype music starts as people’s eyes are immediately drawn to a firefighter emerging from a cloud of smoke under a red spotlight. Eventgoers reach […]

shrimp and grits at Acadian Grille

Craving Cajun

Posted In: Food & Drink, Omaha Magazine, Reviews

Omaha lost two of its Cajun dining options in recent months when restaurants Mouth of the South and Jazz: A Louisiana Kitchen closed their doors. But there are still a few local places diners can […]

Caterina Malara at Malara's Italian Restaurant

The Heart of a Woman

Posted In: Food & Drink, Omaha Magazine, Restaurants

Ashley Gomez recalls playing in the basement at her grandma’s restaurant. Some of the grandchildren would learn dances down there. Then grandma would bring them up to the restaurant to perform for diners. Such was […]

video game icon DrLupo, (Benjamin Lupo)

Gamer Face On

Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

Benjamin Lupo has almost 90 million total Twitch views, 4.4 million Instagram followers, and 1.5 million YouTube subscribers. Eight-time Grammy nominee Lizzo has 7.4 million Instagram followers and 1.57 million YouTube subscribers. Numbers like these […]

band onstage at Ranch Bowl

The Place We Loved

Posted In: Entertainment, Music, Omaha Magazine

Regardless of what Homer Simpson famously said, rock ’n’ roll did not achieve perfection in 1974. And despite what that graying Gen-Xer aunt may believe, rock didn’t reach its zenith in 1991 with the release […]

B&W of John Sakowski

One Jay’s Journey

Posted In: Omaha Magazine, Sports

People talking to John Sakowski often think he sounds a little bit like a surfer. A strange trait for a big-game, locked in, Big East pitcher, whose home stadium is 1,600 miles away from good […]

Chloe Tran in Banh Mi Shop

Chloe Tran’s Business School

Posted In: Chefs, Food & Drink, Omaha Magazine

Some sandwiches rise above the rest. There’s the BLT, po’boys, lobster rolls, Philly cheesesteaks, the classic meatball sub, and the Reuben, an Omaha staple. It’s well past time to nominate another tasty sandwich to the […]