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Makayla McMorris

Outperforming and Including Others

March 14, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, People On the Rise

Marketing whiz Makayla McMorris became executive director of the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s Office of University Communications in December 2018. The Omaha native hopes to elevate her hometown community, leading by example as an African-American female […]

Patrick Groves of Valmont Industries


Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business

When a human resources employee scans resumes for a position, key words often make the difference between someone advancing to the next step or having their resume tossed aside. In the case of young workers, […]

Toric ICL surgery

Toric Implantable Collamer Lens

Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business

Brian Leising could barely see his cell phone screen without glasses or contacts. Leising, 45, was severely nearsighted and had astigmatism until this past year—now, he has perfect vision. He is one of more than […]

Steven Zehr

Global Farming

Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Leaders

Like many restless small-town kids, Steven Zehr set his sights on leaving rural life to explore something new after high school. Staying on the family farm in Fairbury, Illinois, to grow corn and soybeans, and […]

Chad Meyer, president, PeopleService Inc.

Nothing Up Our Sleeves

Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business

There is magic in this world. We put our nasty, rancid garbage out on the street. Then it all disappears, like it never happened. Alas, that kind of magic only happens once a week. Another […]

Best of B2B logo | Best of B2B 2019 Winners

Best of B2B 2019

Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business

Here is B2B Omaha’s highly anticipated Best of B2B winners list for 2019. Readers and customers voted the following Omaha-area businesses the best in the city for the services and products they provide in their […]

Liz Codina, Peter Kiewit Foundation Program Officer

Liz Codina

March 13, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Nonprofit

Liz Codina’s genuine passion for community stems from her upbringing in Omaha. It is the place she calls home, and that is important to her. It makes even more sense that she brings these values […]

Beverly Kracher

Trust Opportunities

Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Ethics

“Trust is like the air we breathe. When it is present, no one notices. When it’s absent, everyone notices.”—Warren Buffett Warren has it right, especially when it comes to business. There is a comfort and […]

Keith Backsen

Celebrate Tourism

Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, People

The Lone Tree Ferry Co. was one of the first businesses in the area to represent the tourism industry. The crew transported speculators from Council Bluffs across the Missouri River as early as 1850–four years […]

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

January 23, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Sponsored Content

Late winter is a great time to look for a new employer, or employee. With “find a new job” ranking as a popular New Year’s Eve resolution, and many companies receiving their yearly hiring budgets […]