Shirley Ortman checking scuba gear

600 Dives and Counting

February 14, 2019 · Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, Fitness, People

Native North Dakotan Shirley Ortman was 19 before she learned to swim. “I’m a pretty good swimmer, but I don’t enjoy it,” she says. “And I do not like to lie on the beach; I’m […]

Kristen Macdissi with paddleboard

Way, Way Offshore

February 13, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People, Recreation

Kristen Macdissi knows it isn’t easy being a thalassophile (a lover of the sea) in a state that “doesn’t coast.” It’s not the least of her afflictions, though. Macdissi’s love for mountains compelled her to […]

Cake and Destroy’s Elise Fertwagner

Cake and Destroy’s Elise Fertwagner

Posted In: Food & Drink, Omaha Magazine, People

Elise Fertwagner is a bit of a disrupter in the world of artistic baking, particularly in the Omaha area where she is an active member of the pop-up cuisine community (which seems to be rising […]

Catie Zaleski, melancholy

Passion Player

Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People, Theatre

In December 2017, Catie Zaleski resolved to stop delaying her dreams and started acting. A little more than a year and four plays later, it’s clear she made the right choice. “When I’m acting I […]

Georg Joutras

Georg Joutras’ Ocean of Grass

Posted In: Entertainment, Omaha Magazine, People

Nebraska’s wide-open spaces have received increasing cinematic attention in recent years. Alexander Payne’s Nebraska took moviegoers on a madcap, melancholy road trip in 2013. Then, in 2018, came the Coen Brothers’ Western anthology fable The […]

Marisa Miakonda Cummings

Fighting the Colonizer Inside

Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

My English name is Marisa Cummings. I am Buffalo Tail Clan of the Sky People. I am Omaha. I am the eldest granddaughter of the eldest Buffalo Tail Clan Woman, Eunice Walker Mohn. My great-grandfather, […]

Spencer Brookstein sitting with left arm resting on desk

Retaining Wall

January 22, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, People

Good workers are hard to keep. U.S. unemployment rates were remarkably low in 2018. While that is good news for workers, it’s potentially challenging for companies trying to retain their top talent for the long […]

Sean Glassman in his Lamborghini Murcielago

The Bat-Bull of West Omaha

Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, People

Bruce Wayne zips a charcoal grey Lamborghini Murciélago through the streets during a scene in The Dark Night racy enough to make anyone’s heart pound. It certainly did that with Omahan Sean Glassman, who previously […]

Beverly Kracher

Good Job or Dream Job?

January 21, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, People

When thinking about career opportunities, one situation comes up to me frequently—that is, do I quit a job I just accepted if my dream job comes along? Here is a common scenario: An employee worked […]

Keith Backsen

Omaha is a Pro When it Comes to Amateur Sports

Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, People

Anybody who knows anything about Omaha’s sports history knows the name Bob Gibson. One of Omaha’s most notable athletes, Gibson started as a member of the Harlem Globetrotters in 1957; everyone expected him to have […]