Rose Rutherford

Welder, Painter, Glass Blower

January 2, 2020 · Posted In: Art, Omaha Magazine

“Getting 50 artists to agree on anything is like herding cats,” said artist John Prouty. Rose Rutherford is an expert at getting artists to agree—she’s even able to get them to agree to a reduced […]

Jackson Parks at Bergan Mercy Hospital

Beyond the Front Desk

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Jackson Parks is a sophomore at Creighton University with a passion for volunteering. “He has completely rewritten what our volunteer jobs are,” said Michaela Kanoski, Volunteer & Guest Services manager at CHI Bergan Mercy Hospital. […]

Zach Willard at his home No Weapons Required | Art Conquers All

No Weapons Required

Posted In: Art, Health, Omaha Magazine

Warranted or not, creative ability and mental illness are viewed as traveling companions. Since Lord Byron’s day, many literary critics have leaned into a poetic notion connecting “genius” and “madness.” Many artists have been posthumously […]

Michael Johnson photographed at Petshop

Downtown Disruptor

December 31, 2019 · Posted In: Art, Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine

Michael Johnson sat in an abstract, red and white bird costume as an audience gathered around. Blue and pink streamers and an “It’s A Boy” banner hung in confident festivity. Johnson revealed a needle; this […]

David Murphy at home

A Timeless Voice

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A self-described creator of “original songs and gibberish,” David P. Murphy is a jack of all trades—and master of them all. Writing is writing, Murphy insists. Listening to the torch songs, tributes, and satirical asides […]

Michelle Kaiser, MarQ Manner, Becky Grey

Losing Weight, Gaining Perspective

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Fibromyalgia. Fatty liver disease. Seizures. Depression. Raynaud syndrome. Walking pneumonia. These ailments plagued Michelle Kaiser day in and day out for a decade. Even her resting hours were disrupted by back spasms. It was enough […]

JanFeb 2020 BTL

January/February 2020 Between the Lines

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Leo Adam Biga—Contributing Writer Biga is an old lion of Omaha journalism. In a 36-year career he’s reported on the arts and culture scene, and on social justice issues in his hometown. He’s known for […]

Shock Yourself Thin illustration

Shock Yourself Thin

Posted In: History, Omaha Magazine

What’s rare is beautiful. Drop Chris Hemsworth back in Shakespeare’s day, and no matter the Australian hunk’s 21st-century attractiveness, 16th-century folks would probably consider him plain. Everyone was ripped back then because everyone was starving. […]

Breanna Burklund bottom of get involved Mission-Haiti

Breanna Burklund’s Mission

December 29, 2019 · Posted In: Religion, Web Exclusive

Six years ago, Omaha Magazine printed a story on Millard South High School student Breanna Burklund’s work with Christian organization Samaritan’s Purse. We quickly caught up with the now-23-year-old through email and discussed the work […]

Dan Hamilton, head cook, Children's Hospital

Living With Guillain-Barré

December 16, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

“It was weird.” That’s how Dan Hamilton describes what it was like to suddenly lose the ability to do things he took for granted such as walking, talking, and swallowing food. In May 2019, he […]