From Togo to Omaha | Dodji Salifou | Omaha Magazine

From Togo to Omaha

May 30, 2019 · Posted In: Giving, Omaha Magazine

Dodji Salifou has no time to be profiled for a magazine. As the operations manager of Heartland Hope Mission, a faith-based charitable organization and food bank in Omaha, he’s got more important things to do […]

The Farmers' Union Holiday Association | Omaha Magazine

The Farmers’ Holiday Association

May 29, 2019 · Posted In: History, Omaha Magazine

The dirty ’30s were not dubbed as such only because of the Dust Bowl. No, the 1930s was also a time when the economic upheavals of Hoovervilles and hobos became a reality across much of […]

June 2019 Between the Lines

June 2019 Between the Lines

May 28, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

Sara Hunt—Food Stylist Sarah Hunt grew up playing in the flight kitchens at Eppley Airfield, where her father worked with the chefs to develop menus for long flights. She has been obsessed with art, color, […]

Guy Gibson woodworking

From Imaging Tables to Coffee Tables

Posted In: B2B Magazine, People

When growing up in California, Guy Gibson’s hard-working, World War II veteran father didn’t provide an option when it came to home projects—they would never be hired out, and Guy would be helping. That work […]

Sandy Matson_Entryway Omaha Home

OmahaHome Entryway

May 23, 2019 · Posted In: Lifestyle, OmahaHome

Think of your entryway as your very own 3-D welcome mat—the first impression to your home. I began my own entryway project after sweeping and washing things down. I then painted a bright new color […]

Kane Adkisson's food

Chef Kane Adkisson

May 22, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

Nebraska can have a pull on people. Consider a young Nebraskan heading out into the world, bright-eyed and ready to experience everything international cuisine has to offer. He travels from one country to another, learning […]

Caitlin Little, A Little Disruption

A Little Disruption

Posted In: Art, Omaha Magazine

Caitlin Little is not a performer fueled by money or recognition. She doesn’t have any formal artistic training. But that hasn’t stopped her from cementing a position in Omaha’s local arts scene. Passion drives her […]

Robyn Helwig, Pacific Props

From Props in the Pacific to Detailing in Omaha

Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People, Theatre

Despite initial skepticism from friends back home, Robyn Helwig isn’t regretting her decision to leave the Pacific Northwest for the Great Plains. In January the effervescent, 25-year-old Oregon native was honored with a 2019 Omaha […]

What’s the Dill with Fried Pickles?

May 20, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, Places

Looking for a deliciously tart, curiously crunchy, and simultaneously sweet summertime snack? Look no further than the deep-fried pickle. This dish has southern roots, with the first known fried pickle recipe dating to the early […]

Sandy Matson_Entryway Omaha Home

OmahaHome Entryway

April 30, 2019 · Posted In: Home, Lifestyle, OmahaHome

“Life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.” —Charles R. Swindoll As I lay in bed on March 16, little did I know my spring DIY project […]