Omaha’s First Neighborhood (Forest Hill)

February 21, 2018 · Posted In: Home, Neighborhoods, OmahaHome, South Omaha

Big pine and oak trees, patches of green space, historic mansions, and single-family homes (many of which were built in the late 1800s, not long after Omaha first became a city)—that’s what you’ll find in […]

Dream Team

May 24, 2017 · Posted In: Encounter, People, South Omaha

There’s a dazzling, eye-catching photo that adorns the bare-bones brick wall inside the photography studio at 1820 Vinton St. A lovely girl sits in a deep-blue cloud of a dress, highlighted by silver accents. In […]

Birrieria El Chalan


August 10, 2016 · Posted In: Home, Neighborhoods, OmahaHome, Publications, South Omaha

Ever since the days of pioneer trails, immigrants from all over the world have managed to make their way to Omaha—smack-dab in the middle of the U.S.—to forge a new start for themselves and their […]

Western League Park

June 5, 2015 · Posted In: Encounter, Neighborhoods, Publications, South Omaha

This article originally published in May/June 2015 edition of The Encounter. Steve Rosenblatt likes to drive by the 15th and Vinton streets area and visualize the neighborhood as it was a century ago. A ballpark […]

The Cottages

July 23, 2014 · Posted In: Encounter, Home, Neighborhoods, Publications, South Omaha

When newly engaged Ryan Ratigan and fiancé Khilah Butler decided that their downtown apartment wasn’t cutting it any more, most might assume a move out west was in order.  Not for these two. Butler happened […]

South Omaha’s 24th Street

May 2, 2014 · Posted In: Home, Neighborhoods, South Omaha, Uncategorized

The story of South Omaha—past or present—has always been the story of the American immigrant experience. Boom, bust, cultural conflict. Poverty, cultural ascension, cultural assimilation. Social issues, sure. But genuine vibrancy and character, too—an energy […]

Three Little Pigs

Now That’s Italian

January 21, 2014 · Posted In: Home, Neighborhoods, OmahaHome, South Omaha

It’s a bustling Thursday afternoon at the Sons of Italy hall on South 10th Street. The hum of conversation is punctuated by greetings from the regulars, and by 11:15 a.m. the hall is near capacity. […]

The Perfect Cuisine for El Día de los Muertos