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Colton Allen, a seventh grader at King Science and Technology Magnet Center, counts the tilapia swimming circles in the horse trough. “Eleven?” he guesses. “Twelve?” It’s difficult to say, since the “tank” of his class’ […]

Omaha Star

Country Club

October 25, 2012 · Posted In: Home, Lifestyle, Neighborhoods, North Omaha, OmahaHome, Places

Brick-laid streets that have resisted asphalt resurfacing. Old-time globe street lights in lieu of goose-necked halogen lights. All-brick Tudors, with a few stray colonials thrown in for good measure. Meandering roads that invite leisurely drives. […]

Mormon Trail Center

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The “Tragedy at Winter Quarters” Monument depicts a pioneer mother and father, comforting each other at the grave of a young child. It stands as a tribute to the nearly 370 pioneers who are buried […]