October Transformations home

Traditional Country House Meets Vibrant People

September 26, 2019 · Posted In: Home, OmahaHome

Kim and John Erickson purchased a house outside of Blair, Nebraska, having fallen in love with pictures of the pool and the beautiful acreage on which the home sits. Sight unseen (at least in person), […]

Sheryl Bergstrom.'s home bathroom

A Piece of Scandinavia on the West Shores

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Sheryl and Dick Bergstrom decided to build their dream home from the ground up, but they knew it was going to take a lot of patience and attention to detail. Sheryl was up to the […]

Paul and Micah Rhodes

A Red-Hot Fireplace

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Situated between Pacific and Shirley streets off 132nd Street in Omaha, is the ultra mid-century modern home of Paul Hanson Rhodes and Micah Rhodes. Ash trees line the drive to the Rhodes’ residence, a split-level […]

Sandy Matson's grandparents' wedding certificate/photo

Autumn’s Heirloom

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The older I get, the more tangible memories and items passed on from generation to generation become invaluable to me in retaining my family’s history.  After my father packed up his home in Iowa, he […]

Renee Smeal home and family

A Lakeside Hub

August 23, 2019 · Posted In: Home, OmahaHome

Renee Smeal enjoys the urban lifestyle of her downtown condominium within walking distance of shops, attractions, and restaurants, but her “modern beachy” lake house is her hub for hospitality and entertainment. Designed and built with […]

light flooding in trees

Navigating the River

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Missouri River flooding is a disaster for affected property owners. If there is a silver lining, it is that flooding is mostly beneficial to riverine species, including fish and waterfowl. However, rising waters make the […]

Donscheski chicken coop cottage

Chicken Pedicures & Slumber Parties

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It started with three chickens in a store-bought, redwood playhouse. Now the Donscheski family has 20 chickens in a custom-built cedar coop that’s 20 feet by 6 feet and tall enough to stand in, with […]

Minne Lusa neighborhood from above

Still Shining a Century On

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Tucked in neatly between Florence and Miller Park, coming into the historic Minne Lusa neighborhood for the first time is like discovering a hidden compartment in your grandmother’s vanity, secreting away gems and mementos of […]

Blackstone Hotel outside remodel

Bringing Back the Glory Days

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Omaha has a bit of Chicago flair and New York taste in one midtown location. That location is built of steel, covered in brick, and features terra cotta details. The Blackstone Hotel was the design […]

Sept. North Shore Home living room

Designed for a Lifetime

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Sherri and Brian Wheeler are an active, hardworking couple and parents to a busy teenage son, so they wanted their new home to reflect this. They needed it to include plenty of storage areas for […]