Art Rage

February 23, 2017 · Posted In: Art, Encounter, Galleries & Museums, Omaha Magazine

Editor’s note: Cassils is a gender non-conforming trans-masculine visual artist. Cassils uses plural gender-neutral pronouns (they, them, their) and asks that journalists do likewise when referring to them. This plurality reflects through language the position […]

Explore! November/December 2016

The Creative Spirit of Brownville

Magdalena Garcia

If You’re Not Looking…

Big Museum, Pint-Sized Fun

Beautiful Decay

Back from the Grave

June 29, 2014 · Posted In: Entertainment, Galleries & Museums, Omaha Magazine, Places

Sitting in a quiet space in a now very quiet Crossroads Mall, the Great Plains Black History Museum is currently a bit underwhelming. It is a pleasing space, but sparse. As part of the current […]

It Takes a Village

Open Studios,
 Open Minds

February 2, 2014 · Posted In: Art, Galleries & Museums, Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine, People

 “I’ve had all of these ideas swirling around in my head for the past two months,” explains Shanti Grumbine. The New Platz, New York-based artist was greeting visitors into her space during a recent Open […]