snowy car crash

Worst Winter Driving Spots

December 31, 2019 · Posted In: Neighborhoods, Omaha Magazine

Winter in the Midwest can be a feast for the senses: the comforting taste of hot cocoa by a warm fireplace, the sight of fresh snow on evergreen trees as picturesque as a Bob Ross […]

Camden Johnson

Driven to Design

June 13, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

Camden Johnson is here to break down the right brain/left brain barrier. The divide between creatives and analytical types completely fails in light of Johnson’s dual passions of art and engineering. Johnson creates stark, stirring, […]

Kevin Franz, Wild Things

Where The Wild Things Are Drawn

May 30, 2019 · Posted In: Art, Omaha Magazine

Kevin Franz draws monsters. And just like humans, those monsters contain multitudes. Franz, who earned his BFA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, double majoring in studio art and psychology, started with an emphasis […]

Marjorie Maas of SHARE Omaha

Sharing the Good

May 23, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine

Marjorie Maas enjoys sharing the good news about SHARE Omaha. “We’re an organization that works through a website to connect nonprofits and missions that change the community with people who want to make an impact. […]

a.j.k. o'donnell

Tour de Force

April 19, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

At 21 years old, wordsmith a.j.k. o’donnell (who does not capitalize her name) is a literary force to be reckoned with. In 2018, she published her second book, This Void Beckons, and embarked on a […]

Strawberry-Blue Olive

Strawberry-Blue Olive’s Excellent Adventure

February 14, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

Strawberry-Blue Olive believes in the power of “ideas worth spreading.” This heartfelt belief in the TED tagline—plus her love of innovation, creativity, and community—made her an apt fit to carry the mantle of TEDxOmaha when […]

Catie Zaleski, melancholy

Passion Player

February 13, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People, Theatre

In December 2017, Catie Zaleski resolved to stop delaying her dreams and started acting. A little more than a year and four plays later, it’s clear she made the right choice. “When I’m acting I […]

Developing Economics | Marco Floreani Promotions | Omaha Magazine

Developing Economics

January 22, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, People On the Rise

Marco Floreani is working to raise the profile of the city where he was raised. “I’ve always loved Omaha, so trying to understand the business community and the resources available is enjoyable,” says Floreani, a […]

Urban Evolution Burgess Family

Urban Evolution

January 8, 2019 · Posted In: Home, Home Improvement, OmahaHome

Steve and Julie Burgess were enjoying a glass of wine at La Buvette when the idea hit Julie like a ton of old bricks. While admiring the Old Market’s lovely brick buildings, redesigned from warehouses […]

Causing a Kerfuffle

October 24, 2018 · Posted In: Art, Family, Omaha Magazine

Ashley Laverty got bit by the acting bug at the tender age of 6, when she performed in her first play. It is fitting that she has dedicated her career to theater for youth. “I […]