Marisa Miakonda Cummings

Fighting the Colonizer Inside

February 13, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

My English name is Marisa Cummings. I am Buffalo Tail Clan of the Sky People. I am Omaha. I am the eldest granddaughter of the eldest Buffalo Tail Clan Woman, Eunice Walker Mohn. My great-grandfather, […]

The Omaha Tribe and Horses

March 3, 2017 · Posted In: History, People

The city of Omaha is named after the Umonhon people. The state of Nebraska is also an Umonhon word, NiBlaSka, or “Land of the Flat Waters.” Neither this city nor this state would be named […]

Marisa Miakonda Cummings

Marisa Miakonda Cummings

August 26, 2016 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine, People, Publications

I would like to begin by introducing myself. My English name is Marisa Cummings. My Omaha or Umoⁿhoⁿ name is Miakonda or Moon Power. I was given my Buffalo Tail Clan name by my great-grandmother, […]