The Phoenix-Like Resurrection of Turkeys in Nebraska

The Phoenix-Like Resurrection of Turkeys in Nebraska

February 14, 2019 · Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, History, People

If you’ve ever gone turkey hunting in Nebraska, or seen one out and about, you should know that every turkey you have encountered in Nebraska is a miracle. The state’s tumultuous history of wild turkeys […]

Embarking on a #Vagabond #Instagram #Vanlife #Adventure

December 20, 2018 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine

In my daily, mindless scrolling of social media, “#vanlife” posts began creeping into my Instagram feed. The wanderlust-inspiring images of people not giving a crap about anything carried a strong allure; however, I couldn’t help […]

Women in Agriculture

November 21, 2018 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business

A farmer driving a tractor is a common sight in Nebraska. According to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Nebraska’s farms and ranches utilize 45.2 million acres—91 percent of the state’s total land area. It is often […]


October 18, 2018 · Posted In: Art, Omaha Magazine, Places

In fall 2017, panels of local arts experts held a lecture series that explored the personal and societal benefits of all forms of art, from opera to painting. The panelists used buzzwords like “golden age” […]

Local Farm-to-Table

August 3, 2018 · Posted In: Food & Drink, Omaha Magazine

Nick Strawhecker reaches down and opens the oven. There are two whole, cooked chickens resting on the platter within the large industrial appliance. One chicken looks well proportioned, intact, and almost seems to sit rigid […]

Aloha Bluejays

February 22, 2017 · Posted In: Entertainment, Omaha Magazine

Creighton has long maintained a cross-cultural connection with Hawaii. The university considers the Central Pacific archipelago one of its top-10 recruiting states, and students from Hawaii have been flocking to this “Maui of the Midwest” […]

Pheasant Heaven

January 4, 2017 · Posted In: Entertainment, Omaha Magazine, Publications, Recreation, Sports

“We went through 250,000 birds and 30,000 hunters in the last 30 years,” Bruhn says. “We had every celebrity you could think of out here.” As urban sprawl takes over rural America, yesterday’s pasture transforms […]

Mayhew Cabin

August 26, 2016 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine, Places, Publications

To speak in archetypal clichés—without knowing where you came from, it can be difficult to understand where you are going. Nestled just south of Omaha in Nebraska City lies a piece of history that offers […]

Centennial, Wyoming

July 13, 2016 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine, People, Publications

The ceaseless march of time drives a wedge between mankind and nature. Yearning for the pure, quiet, peaceful bliss of the great outdoors, I feel compelled to escape the onslaught of modern technological society—if only […]

Local Musician Trades California for Omaha