Backstreet Boys in Omaha at CHI

Backstreet Boys

September 10, 2019 · Posted In: Web Exclusive

Upbeat pop songs that stick in one’s head? Check. Cheesy love songs? Check. Synchronized dance moves? Check. White pants? Check. These boxes were all checked off in June 2017 when early 1990s boy band NKOTB […]

Mike Pallas, Valley View 4-H Club

Mike Pallas

August 22, 2019 · Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, Omaha Magazine

Seven calves started a 70-year labor of love. In 1948, seven calves were donated to the Omaha Home for Boys, and the organization used those calves to start Valley View 4-H Club. Two years later, […]

Daisy Hutzell-Rodman 2019 A+C

Editor’s Letter: Cleaning a messy closet made a huge difference.

August 19, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine

This July, my husband wanted to organize some family photos sitting in a closet that had become a dumping ground. On the Saturday after the Fourth of July, he organized the photos, but we also […]

Vicki Graeve-Cunningham | Providing Skilled Labor | Omaha Magazine

Thriving at Providing Skilled Labor and Job Satisfaction

July 25, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Leaders

Vicki Graeve-Cunningham wanted to practice medicine, helping people heal through skills as a doctor. While working toward a bioscience degree at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, she took a project management class, which started […]

Daisy Hutzell-Rodman 2019 A+C

From the Editor

July 19, 2019 · Posted In: B2B Magazine

Everyone wants to leave a legacy. This issue is about legacy in business, and it spans a variety of industries. One article I enjoyed reading was our “In the Office” feature. We spotlight Legacy Design […]

July/August 2019 Obviously Omaha Metaling in Arts: Notable Omaha Statues

Metaling in Arts: Notable Omaha Statues

June 21, 2019 · Posted In: Art, Omaha Magazine

The sun is high, the temps are rising, and the dogs need to be let out. Seriously, though, summer evenings are a perfect time to take a stroll around Omaha, and with so much public […]

John Heaston, OEAAs

Creating a City-wide Celebration

June 13, 2019 · Posted In: Entertainment, Omaha Magazine

Los Angeles has its Oscars, New York City its Tonys, and Omaha the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards. And though Louis B. Mayer created the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (and thus the […]

KANEKO building Big Things in the Big O Arts Scene

Big Things

Posted In: Art, Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine

It is no wonder Omaha’s art scene in 2019 has been collaborative. With many of these 15 featured venues and organizations willing to work together to create transformative, creative experiences for the community, art fans […]

Daisy Hutzell-Rodman 2019 A+C

Editor’s Letter: Arts, Music, Action

June 12, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine

Omaha Magazine has long been the city’s magazine for premier arts and culture articles. In the past couple of years, we’ve informed our readers of musicians from Jocelyn to Josh Hoyer, visual artists from Tim […]

Daisy Hutzell-Rodman 2019 A+C

Editor’s Letter: Where To Eat?

May 30, 2019 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine

Editing the articles in this issue is making me hungry. Welcome to Omaha Magazine’s annual food issue. Many of the articles in this issue are certain to stop readers in their tracks. Our main feature, […]