Dec. 1-3 Weekend Entertainment Picks

November 28, 2017 · Posted In: Entertainment, Weekend Picks

Subscribe to this weekly newsletter here PICK OF THE WEEK: Friday, Dec. 1: Catch the Grand Opening of The B Side, the flipside of the Benson Theatre, this weekend. You can get a tour of […]

Surrealist Storyteller

November 25, 2017 · Posted In: Art, Encounter

For Artist Joe Nicholson, life after college wasn’t the masterpiece he had imagined. Fancy-schmancy art degree? Got it. Dead-end corporate job? Yep, got that too. Plenty of dough to make ends meet? Check. Despite all […]

In the Mood

November 24, 2017 · Posted In: Entertainment, Music

When Omaha transplant and burgeoning singer/rapper Ria Gold first heard Aaliyah’s posthumous album, 2002’s I Care 4 U, she was hooked. The Toledo, Ohio, native was so entranced by it, she played it start-to-finish countless […]

Jet Linx

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This sponsored content appeared in the Fall 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: Since 1999, Jet Linx has successfully built a global private jet operation from its roots in Omaha. Throughout 18 years […]

It’s In the Family

November 23, 2017 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Business Profiles

For Bob Bezousek, Omaha Steaks is a family affair. Bezousek can boast having worked for Omaha Steaks for an impressive 47 years. During that time, Bezousek’s two brothers, sister, and brother-in-law have all worked for […]

Collaboration in Action

November 22, 2017 · Posted In: Business, Business Profiles

Many forward-thinking employers emphasize collaboration. Siloed organizations—those with teams, departments, or groups that do not want to share information or knowledge with other individuals in the organization—are increasingly seen as outmoded and inefficient. Collaboration is […]

On Trend

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During his 40 years in banking, Michael Pate, president of United Republic Bank, has seen his fair share of evolution and change. The perception and inclusion of women in managerial roles may be the evolution […]

Maj. Gen. Nina Armagno

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Nina Armagno grew up in suburban Chicago with a poster of Sally Ride in her bedroom and astronaut dreams on her mind. When her plans hit a roadblock, she became a two-star Air Force general […]

Portrait of a School Nurse

Posted In: Education, Family, FamilyGuide

Sharon Wade can tell people many reasons why she became a school nurse, but sooner or later she comes around to this story, one of her favorites: “At one point there was a boy with […]

Dorothy Turley

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“We have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we get a lot of repeat business and word-of-mouth,” American Legacy Complex Owner Dorothy Turley says of her equestrian center. It’s a reflection of […]