Job Search Advice

January 31, 2017 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Business Profiles, Publications

The wage gap is closing, in large part due to women who are no longer satisfied with just a steady income. Though Nebraska is often touted as a thriving job market for men and women […]

Brew Almighty

Queen of the Nerds

January 27, 2017 · Posted In: Encounter, Entertainment, Publications, Theatre

Amanda Fehlner has some opinions about superheroes wearing spandex. “You’re about to go into battle, and what are you going to put on? A spandex suit? That’s not going to help you at all. So, […]

Parkinson’s Disease

January 26, 2017 · Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, Health, News, Publications

The way Terry Currey looks at it, Parkinson’s disease is a battle of the mind versus the brain. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2009, Currey describes his brain as an antagonist that controls his body. […]

Jan. 27-29 Weekend Picks

January 25, 2017 · Posted In: Calendar, Weekend Picks

Omaha Magazine Executive Editor Doug Meigs offered up his pick of the weekend: A scientist from the Smithsonian will be at SAC Aerospace Museum Saturday speaking about “How to Survive a Black Hole” as part of […]

Nebraska’s Capital

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When Nebraska achieved statehood on March 1, 1867, it was the turning point in a 12-year-long, bitter, and sometimes violent struggle to move the capital from Omaha to…well, anywhere except Omaha. “Divisiveness festered the moment […]

Diane Kremlacek

January 24, 2017 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Leaders, Publications

Diane Kremlacek is used to proving she can do the same things a man can. As the communication department manager—a historically male role—for 20 years at OPPD before retiring in 2015, she often had to […]

Colorado Modern

January 22, 2017 · Posted In: Before & After, OmahaHome

How do two people, each with an appreciation for very different tastes in design, come together to build their perfect dream home? When our client came to us, the husband leaned more towards a contemporary, […]

Vernetta Kosalka

January 20, 2017 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Sponsored Content

This sponsored content appears in the Winter 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: Being trusted with the most important day of a couple’s life or executing the planning of companies event or non-profit’s […]

Thanks, No Thanks

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Two dozen spectators are crammed into a dark, compact venue. Millennials are there in black, tight-fitting clothes, and so are a few hardcore kids, while a group of middle-aged fans sport denim and leather. Black […]