Enlarged Prostate

January 16, 2015 · Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, Health

Trouble urinating. Weak urine flow. Frequent urination or frequently getting up in the middle of the night. While many men chalk these symptoms up to “getting older,” they are often a sign of an enlarged […]

A Dream Interview

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Mary Barra runs General Motors. She worked her way up and earned the title of CEO in January, 2014. We all know what happened after that. In April, and three more times since then, Barra […]

Just a Little Respect

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I can’t believe this,” Troy says. “Sorry, Troy,” Nate replies. “Yeah, me too…f**,” Troy says, using a homophobic epithet as he walks away. And that starts it all. Nate’s voice is full of defeat, shoulders […]

Tokyo Sushi

January 15, 2015 · Posted In: Business, Food & Drink, Restaurants, Reviews

Family is at the heart of everything that Randy Gao does. It was the reason he moved to the Midwest in the early ‘90s, after first emigrating from China to New York City. It compelled […]


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The spare lines of General Crook’s frontier military home at Fort Omaha (Metro Community College) don’t quite do justice to the Italianate form. The most regal Italianate homes in Nebraska’s early days were built to […]

Meet The Gines

January 13, 2015 · Posted In: HerFamily, Publications

“Does it creep you out?” Lena Gines smiles sincerely as she looks at the turtle, one of several family pets the Gines family is currently raising. The turtle pauses upon my arrival into the living […]

Deconstructing Dave

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Dave Heineman won’t be remembered as a charismatic governor: Kempt, but not much to look at; personable, engaged, and professional, but often deliberate, starchy, guarded, and political. (Heck: He wouldn’t even loosen his tie when […]

Roger Holthaus

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Roger Holthaus was offered a summer job in 1960 as a park ranger in Wyoming. Several days later, a second letter arrived offering him a job in the Eisenhower White House.   The White House […]

The Basketball Whisperer

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When the University of Nebraska tapped Tim Miles to take over as head coach of the men’s basketball program in early 2012, Nebraska fans everywhere let out a collective “huh?” But in less than three […]

Head Shots

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Megan Scott turned downfield to get into a better position. Smack! A soccer ball nailed her in the back of the head. Megan blacked out for 30 seconds, finally mustering the effort to get to […]