Red, Redder, Reddest

January 19, 2015 · Posted In: Beauty, HerFamily

A couple of years ago, my friend and I went out for dinner and drinks Downtown. She was wearing a fantastic red lip color—deep red and super-matte. I admired it throughout cocktails. I admired it […]

Quincy Ellefson

January 16, 2015 · Posted In: Encounter, Publications

If you’re ever strolling or driving along 13th Street near TD Ameritrade Park in NoDo, you might be surprised to recognize a familiar face or two. Quincy Ellefson, who was 8 years old by the […]

Karen and Ron Baker

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Karen & Ron Baker had their first date on May 1st of last year. On October 4th, just four short months later, they were married. Crazy kids in love?  Impulsive, impetuous teenagers? You might think […]

Jeff Koterba

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Political statements in Omaha, it would seem, don’t originate solely from behind a podium or during photo ops. For Omaha World-Herald editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba, his catalog of more than 7,200 cartoons means he has […]


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The Fall High Point Furniture Market was a mecca for the most seasoned of style-spotters. We checked in with the professionals at Interiors Joan & Associates to learn more about the hottest textile trends—and the […]

If We Had Only Thought of That…

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A stitch, in time, saves nine.” But in the homebuilding world, the old saying might sound more like, “An additional nine or so electrical outlets added before your new home is finished, in time, will save […]

Photo Finished

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I attempted to snap a candid picture of my kids on the way to school because they had just requested silence in the car so that they could read. (Did I just hear that correctly?) […]

The “Funbuster”

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No food in the gallery. Turn down the heat. Don’t touch that.” Co-workers at the Durham Museum call curator Carrie Meyer “The Funbuster.”  She’s something of a spoil sport. But for a good reason. She […]

John Lajba

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A greater depth. That’s what Omaha-based artist John Lajba focuses on when creating his varied body of work. No matter how compellingly lifelike or profoundly abstract, it’s the human condition—with all its emotions and complexities—that […]

Building (and Affording)

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Many of the financial aspects of parenting can be scary. Diapers, day care, tuition, sports, clubs, lessons, field trips… the list of expenses involved in raising a child from crib to college can be daunting. […]