The Perception of Value Conundrum

December 31, 2014 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Publications

The backbone of the American economy is the small business owner and those employed by them. Businesses that often are ignored by the mass media. Businesses that provide valuable services and products upon which Americans […]

Circular Logic

December 28, 2014 · Posted In: At Home, Home, Omaha Magazine, OmahaHome

In a good bookroom,” Mark Twain once quipped, “you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.” This magnificent example […]

The Man in the Marine T-Shirt

December 27, 2014 · Posted In: Uncategorized

Logan McDonald reported for duty as a U.S. Marine in October 2011. A month later, the then 18-year-old recruit from Mississippi was in a coma. He had sustained a severe brain injury from viral encephalitis, […]

Tat’z Nail’z

December 26, 2014 · Posted In: Beauty, HerFamily, Style

Shannon Leather props a perfectly manicured fingernail inside a slim, silver-polished machine. Her nail gleams white under the purple tint of an ultraviolet light, and after a few seconds, the machine emits a quick flash […]

Performance Man

December 25, 2014 · Posted In: Encounter, Entertainment, Lifestyle, People

By day he’s a mild-mannered assistant director of learning and development at Omaha’s Hyatt hotels. By night and during weekends, though, Doug Hayko is one the city’s most well-known—and perhaps most infamous—performance artists, one who […]

Historic Brandeis Mansion

December 24, 2014 · Posted In: At Home, Home, Omaha Magazine, OmahaHome

Mark Maser starts with sound advice for any home decorator: “Buy what you like and find a way to make it work in your space.” And when the holidays come around, he says, “everything stays.” […]

An Omaha Christmas Story

December 23, 2014 · Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, Places

When Bill Eustice first saw the movie A Christmas Story, he thought, “I’ve been there. That’s me.” Just like Ralphie in the classic holiday movie, Bill Eustice as a child was enthralled by a department […]

White Elephant

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My girlfriend and I were invited to a thing called a Ladies’ Christmas Ornament Exchange Party. I seemed to have enough couth to not ask the hostess, “Is this country casual, or somethin’ super fancy?” […]

Timothy Rimmer

December 22, 2014 · Posted In: Encounter, Fashion, Lifestyle, People, Publications, Style

Timothy Rimmer’s daily confrontation with his closet can be something of a skirmish. Some days it’s an all-out battle. His wardrobe selections are anything but a grab-and-go affair. Just what guise will the unisex model […]

Ring Our Bell

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Salvation Army red kettles, and the bell ringers who accompany them, are synonymous with the holiday season. For many community groups, bell ringing has become more than just volunteer service—it’s a yearly tradition. Members of […]