Maud Boutique

September 12, 2014 · Posted In: Business, Downtown, Encounter, Style

Some of Lynn Mills’ fondest childhood memories are of hours playing dress-up with all the pretty dresses, skirts, purses, and hats in her “beautifully put-together” Grandmother Larson’s walk-in closet. She topped off her ensembles with […]

Of Omaha, Oats, And Ovations

September 11, 2014 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Entertainment, People, Sports

Three years from now, a very special group of athletes will board a chartered flight in Belgium bound for Eppley Airfield. And when the cadre of world-class competitors strap on the proverbial feedbag for an […]

Cruising for Trouble

September 10, 2014 · Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, Neighborhoods, People, West Omaha

Roger Hansen was attaching to his vehicle a magnetic sign with the words “Piedmont Wycliffe Citizen Patrol” when his wife, Betty, noticed something unusual. A truck was parked far off the roadway on the grounds […]

PTO on the Go

The Best View in Omaha

September 9, 2014 · Posted In: At Home, Downtown, Home, Lifestyle, OmahaHome, People

Upon entering the spacious penthouse apartment of the C02 building, one is greeted by a ginormous yet unassuming bowl of Skittles. Besides getting to “taste the rainbow,” visitors also get an up-close view of any […]

Into the Air

September 8, 2014 · Posted In: Education, Family, HerFamily

Tateyna Jones has a fear of heights. So even though her first piloting experience was on the ground in a flight simulator, she still got a major rush from the experience. “They had us fly […]


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It’s a warm morning as the sound of cracking bats soars across a dirt pitch. A man dressed in a uniform of blue, straight-leg pants, and collared shirt winds up his arm to throw a […]

Wilson & Washburn

Weaving the Safety Net

September 6, 2014 · Posted In: Family, HerFamily, Parenting

It’s just depressing, to be honest. Every hour or so, another email comes. Sometimes, it’s every 45 minutes. A child has been removed from their home. He isn’t safe there. She’s been neglected. Sometimes it’s […]

Rebirth of a Landmark

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The south side of Dundee is a piece of Americana from generations past. Early 20th-century homes with neatly manicured yards lining tranquil, tree-lined streets. A Norman Rockwell scene off the cover of The Saturday Evening […]