Faux Brick Façade

July 30, 2014 · Posted In: Home, West Omaha

In the studio, artist Nic Roewert dwells in a world where particular attention is paid to line, form, texture, and color. Those same attributes come into play with this clever DIY project, a faux brick […]

Mary Clare Sweet

July 28, 2014 · Posted In: Encounter, Fitness, Health, Publications, Uncategorized

The 8 a.m. hour may be a time when most are driving to work, still half asleep, yearning for a morning cup of Joe. But not Mary Clare Sweet. All smiles and energy, she welcomes […]


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Jane tried to kill herself three times. In rapid succession. She came to Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) after being hospitalized following her third try. First, she received therapy to stabilize her mental health. […]

Omaha Online

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Turn on the TV, open a magazine or get online and chances are you’re going to see advertisements inviting you to visit Kansas City, Des Moines, and South Dakota this summer. A common question from […]

Feeling Gravity’s Pull?

Posted In: 60 Plus in Omaha, Publications

You may have already surmised that you are, in fact, getting older. Some of the indicators can be obvious: It takes you two or six tries to get up from the couch; parts of your […]

Bauhaus on the Prairie

July 25, 2014 · Posted In: At Home, Home, Omaha Magazine, OmahaHome, Publications

Flat roof? Check. Clean Lines? Check. Cornfields? Insert here the sound of a needle being violently ripped across a vinyl record. Contemporary architecture is perhaps most commonly thought of as an urban phenomenon, but Donna […]

Brains and Brawn

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His wife loves his charming smile, but Chet Fortune, a certified personal trainer and owner of Warrior Fitness, also has a physique that many would envy and maybe even drool over. But looking this good […]

Perspectives on Pain

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Chronic headaches can be withering. They can also lead a person down the path to dependence on opiate-based pain meds. There are better ways to treat the pain. Here are three solutions—from three very different […]

The Cottages

July 23, 2014 · Posted In: Encounter, Home, Neighborhoods, Publications, South Omaha

When newly engaged Ryan Ratigan and fiancé Khilah Butler decided that their downtown apartment wasn’t cutting it any more, most might assume a move out west was in order.  Not for these two. Butler happened […]

Get Organized Today

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Is there too much clutter in your office? Since an office space is a place where you usually spend the greater portion of your day, it’s important to make it as comfortable as possible. The […]