Back from the Grave

June 29, 2014 · Posted In: Entertainment, Galleries & Museums, Omaha Magazine, Places

Sitting in a quiet space in a now very quiet Crossroads Mall, the Great Plains Black History Museum is currently a bit underwhelming. It is a pleasing space, but sparse. As part of the current […]

No Daddy to GoDaddy

June 28, 2014 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Downtown, People On the Rise

Dusty Davidson doesn’t like to go negative in promoting his company. Still, sometimes your company exists in part because somebody else is dropping the ball. So, let’s get this out of the way… “Nobody loves […]

The Wonderful World of Ryan Rhodes

June 27, 2014 · Posted In: Entertainment, Omaha Magazine, People

“… and I hope you have a magical day.” Ryan Rhodes can’t begin to count the number of times he uttered those words. Tens of thousands? Easily. During a decade-long run as a member of […]

Blueberry Banana Smoothie

June 26, 2014 · Posted In: Health, HerFamily, Nutrition

Running late? This low-fat smoothie makes a perfect on-the-go breakfast or afternoon snack. Creamy fat-free yogurt with sweet blueberries and banana are also a fresh start to any day or a great way to refuel […]

Hidden History

June 25, 2014 · Posted In: Omaha Magazine, People

Winter was just getting underway in Omaha, and the grand lobby of The Rose Theater was a bustle of preparations. It was 1995, and the staff was preparing the historic building for its celebrated reopening. […]

Armand Gibbons

June 24, 2014 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, People

Armand Gibbons and the low-slung contraption under him draw a few double-takes from joggers as they pass by him on the trail in Memorial Park. The looks are not unusual, he says. “These bikes are […]

Order from Chaos

Posted In: Home, OmahaHome

This Tomlinson Woods home was in good condition, but it looked tired and was not selling. Along came Deborah and Darry Pearson with a vision to totally modernize the home. I connected with the Pearson’s […]

Gene Leahy Mall Renovation

June 23, 2014 · Posted In: Downtown, Downtown, Encounter

When the nearly 10-acre Central Park Mall was dedicated in 1977 (it was officially named the Gene Leahy Mall in 1992), it was considered a jewel of downtown Omaha. “At that time there was nothing […]

Double-Duty Scissors

June 22, 2014 · Posted In: Fitness, Health, HerFamily

This simple workout is based on a classic scissors move, but is modified here to extend the exercise’s benefits to upper-body elements of the arms, abs, and obliques. Lie on your left side with legs […]

A Fair to Remember

June 21, 2014 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine, People

While Omaha novelist Timothy Schaffert’s The Swan Gondola is a love story, its most central character is perhaps neither lover, but their whereabouts: The 1898 Omaha World’s Fair. It’s the lush, historically anchored details of […]