Getting Through the Emotional 
and Physical Challenges of Breast Cancer

September 24, 2013 · Posted In: Health, HerFamily, Lifestyle, People

Even when it’s over, it’s not over, says one cancer survivor, who recently completed her treatment. The emotional turmoil and lingering fear of what’s going to happen next—Am I really cured? Will it come back?—continue […]

Michael Lyon

September 20, 2013 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Music, Omaha Magazine, People, Theatre

After years singing opera, this transplanted Brit finds a niche in American standards. He studied with some of the world’s finest opera coaches and vocal teachers; sang the lead in famous operas like Tosca, La […]


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Before the introduction of the Dilbertesque cubicle, American commerce was most commonly conducted in wide-open bullpen settings. The typical professional office layout featured what seemed an acre of neatly arrayed desks surrounded on the periphery […]

Jean Stothert

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The corridor leading to the Omaha mayor’s office serves as a gallery for a long line of portraits of the city’s past mayors. It is a wall-to-wall boy’s club. This day, the portrait of the […]

Game On

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When was the last time you put down your blinking, beeping electronic gadget (think iPhone, iPad, iPod, iAnything) and picked up a traditional board game? If you can’t recall the month (or even year) you […]

Calendar of Events: September/October 2013

September 3, 2013 · Posted In: Calendar

ART & MUSEUM EXHIBITS A Bug’s World Through September 8 at Omaha Children’s Museum, 500 S. 20th St. A larger-than-life interactive exhibit that allows children to experience what it is like to be a bug. […]

Sophisticated Simplicity

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The newest devotee of the work done to the stately property at 38th and California streets also happens to be among its oldest—in more ways than one. “Walking into that home again all these years […]

Welcome to William’s Nightmare

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The entryway of the 19th-century home is cramped, musty-smelling, and dark. A thunderstorm rolls appropriately in the background. Bloodstains spatter the wallpaper, and the portrait of a resigned-looking woman hangs on the wall. “This—” Wayne […]

Fashion: Jewelry Break

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There’s nothing exactly wrong with indulging a taste for the finer things in life. Just be sure you’re ready to accept the consequences. Modeled by Emily Solo of Des Moines, Hannah Blazek of Omaha, and Amber Hongsermeier of […]