From Lightbulb Sales to Magazine Tales

February 25, 2013 · Posted In: Business, Entertainment, Omaha Magazine, People

Todd Lemke discovered the art of the deal as an eight-year-old growing up in Papillion. One day, his father, Raymond—who believed that allowances should be earned, not given—drove the family station wagon to the old […]

Royal Rebrand

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Long before there were sandwiches hawked by Michael Phelps and Jared or commercials for subs being delivered at breakneck speed, Little King was building a product and brand featuring fresh meats and great taste right […]

Restaurant Review: Mantra Bar & Grille

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Where Maple Street passes through the Benson neighborhood is arguably one of the most exciting urban revitalizations currently happening in Omaha. It seems like every month there’s a new retail store, restaurant, or bar opening […]

Brian Langbehn

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An accounting career wasn’t what Brian Langbehn, the executive chef at 801 Chophouse at the Paxton, had in mind when he graduated with a business degree, but that’s exactly what he took on. When the […]

Craft Beer & Charcuterie

Return of the Leggoons

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Chad Carr’s love affair with Leggoons—the graphically obsessed, vibrantly patterned board shorts that were all the rage in Omaha and most of the nation in the late 1980s—began when his mom bought him his first […]

Booming Blair

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In tough economic times, growth typically becomes stagnant if not nonexistent for many communities regardless of population or location. However, the city of Blair has not suffered from such an effect. In fact, the business […]

Omaha Business Hall of Fame

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The Omaha Business Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1993 to honor the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s 100th anniversary. Since then, the chamber has recognized more than 100 men and women for their leadership […]

Becka’s Back

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The unmistakable voice that many in Omaha have come to love (or, if we’re honest, love to hate) has returned to the airwaves. In January, radio talk show host and Benson High School grad Tom […]

Dan Urban

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Even while pursuing a degree in physics at the University of San Diego, Omaha native Dan Urban always knew he would build a career around his love of horses. So after graduating college in 2006, […]