British Regency, French Chic

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“My favorite thing in life is to read a book and be cozy,” confesses Julie Kenney. So when she is designing a space in her Dundee home, she thinks, “Would I want to sit here and […]

Comprehensive Assessment

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“Our family will forever be indebted to Suzanne,” says Melanie Miller of Suzanne Myers. It was Myers whom Miller turned to when her ailing father needed help. With Miller in New York City, her brothers […]

From Patients to Caregivers

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Margaret Ludwick spends her days sitting in a wheelchair at a senior care center in Elkhorn. She never speaks. The only expressive motion involves her hands—she constantly puts her long, tapered fingers together like a […]

Pam Stanek

Creativity, Ingenuity, and Work Ethic

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The United States is like no other place in the world because of the environment we maintain for providing incentive for those willing to think outside the box. As I travel, talking to individuals who […]

What’s All the Hoopla About Hulu?

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Just to set the stage in the simplest of terms: Hulu is streaming TV (and a movie service with original content, but put this part aside for a minute). News Corp. and NBCUniversal started Hulu […]

Amy Mather

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“People fascinate me.” So says Amy Mather, adult program manager at Omaha Public Library and host of the podcast “Whatever Mathers.” Friends and acquaintances had been telling her to post her knowledge of the city, […]

They Get a Great Time. Omaha Gets a Great Return.

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Omaha welcomes about 5 million overnight visitors every year; visitors who come to our city for a variety of different reasons—maybe it’s a business meeting, a college visit, or just a nice weekend getaway. You […]

Legends Comics and Coffee

Vinyl Siding 101

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Home improvement season is fast approaching! The warm weather pushes us to get outside and take care of those much-needed home improvement projects. If your list of projects includes painting your house or updating the […]