Love to Last a Lifetime

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It was 1961. John Kennedy was inaugurated President of the United States. The U.S. began military involvement in Vietnam. East Germans and Soviets built the Berlin Wall. The Bay of Pigs disaster went down in Cuba. […]

A Tale of Two Homeowners

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Jokingly referred to by its owners as a closet with a house around it, Dr. Linda and Travis Sing’s window-walled home is a study in what’s left in the open…and what can be stashed away. […]

Living a Legacy

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When Susanne and Brent Nicholls decided to return to Omaha from the Denver area 10 years ago, they knew they wanted to live in Indian Hills, near Brent’s childhood home. “I used to walk through […]

Home is Where the Art Is

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“We’re living in the area my mother always wanted to live in,” notes architect Steven Conley of the Indian Hills home he shares with his wife, Darcy Beck, an Omaha Realtor, interior designer, and home […]

Craig Lee

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Do you ever wish to go to sleep under a star-filled sky? Create a woodland view in that drab and windowless back room? Or present a unique atmosphere for your office? Craig Lee can and […]

Style at 60 Plus!

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Sixty may be the new 40, but the reality is at 60, NOBODY looks like they did at 40! You can exercise for hours, spend a fortune on face creams, have this, that, and the […]

Retirement Planning To-Do

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I know a doctor who is thinking about retirement. He’s not overly concerned about his future. But his retirement is five years away. The No. 1 factor, in my opinion, affecting anyone’s retirement savings is […]

Distressed About Downsizing?

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Moving out of your house can be challenging for anyone. But when the house you are leaving has been your family home for the last few decades, it can be even more daunting. The idea […]

Not Home Alone

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As the largest generation in American history, often referred to as the post-war “Baby Boomers,” begins to reach and pass their 60th birthdays, the sheer size of the population is predicted to overwhelm the current […]

Steve Hipple, 64

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At 64, Steve Hipple defies his age both in his youthful appearance and adventure-loving spirit. Hipple works out five days a week: 30 minutes of weight lifting followed by 30 minutes of aerobics. He also […]