It’s Hockey Time in Omaha!

December 25, 2012 · Posted In: Entertainment, Omaha Magazine, Recreation, Sports

Omaha may not appear to be a hockey town to the casual observer, but you don’t have to peel back the layers too far to find evidence of such. The University of Nebraska-Omaha and Omaha […]

Q&A: Rebecca Harding

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The Omaha native and a principal with TACK Architects shares her passion for design, the people who inspire her, and the reasons she’s excited about working in her hometown. Q: Tell us a bit about […]

Q&A: Andy Colley

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A creative from a very young age, Andy Colley tells us how he found his calling in woodworking early and what he most enjoys about about being a craftsman. Q: How did you first discover […]


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Diabetes has long been thought of as a single disease only suffered by the overweight, the unhealthy, the elderly, or those with family members who have had diabetes. And while that might be true of […]

Johnson Hardware Co.

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In early December, longtime Omaha home supply retailer Grabow Hardware underwent a name change and moved to a new location. The company, founded in 1992, is a supplier of quality doors and trim, door and […]

Keep Your Furnace in Check

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Regular furnace maintenance helps prevent costly breakdowns and keeps your heating system operating at peak efficiency. While a check in fall the ideal time for this service, a thorough check and cleaning now is still […]

It’s Not Too Late to Water!

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Omaha’s thousands of trees are in danger. This summer’s unprecedented heat and drought have put even mature, established trees in peril. Trees cannot endure a period of extended drought without help. If trees are not […]

Mid-Century Modern

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In post-World War II America, a contemporary design style borne of the modernist movement and emphasizing a balance of form and function came to the attention of visionary Omaha developers and architects. The resulting homes […]

A Designer’s Perspective

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Updating modern architecture from 50 to 60 years ago with interior design true to the period was an exciting prospect for me as a designer. The style was in vogue as I was finishing college…in […]

Justin Schafer’s Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

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Justin Schafer, a senior graphic designer with Mutual of Omaha, first discovered his fascination with Mid-Century Modern design while studying in college. “[MCM] transformed how we perceived objects and furniture in our homes…The idea that […]