At Omaha Magazine, we pride ourselves on telling stories about the people and places of our city and telling them well. Our articles are positive and colorful as we celebrate what it means to live and work in Nebraska’s largest city. We publish these stories across a variety of publications, each with its own focus:

How to pitch

Chances are that by the time a story seems timely, we’re already planning months ahead. We’re far more likely to assign a freelance writer a story we already have scheduled than to accept a pitch. Rather than trying to sell us on a particular story, follow these guidelines to let us know you’d be great on assignment:

  • Tell us first who you are and about your writing credentials.
  • Include links to your stories and any relevant sites, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.
  • Send us 2-3 story ideas, 2-3 sentences each.
  • Keep your pitches evergreen but specific and suggest publications for each.
  • Let us know you’re open to assignments other than the stories you’ve pitched.
  • If we decide to use your pitch, we’ll contact you with our pay rate and style guide.

Send pitches to: