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DLR Group

August 10, 2017 by

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The most productive employees are those who are happy and who enjoy their work environment. As modern, open offices remain popular, an agile approach to workplace design provides flexibility for workers that contributes to productivity
and happiness.

DLR Group is an employee-owned, integrated design firm with 26 offices and more than 1,000 design professionals worldwide. The firm’s dedicated Workplace Studio researches, evaluates, and executes designs for the modern workplace— using the agile methodology regularly.

“Agile design is an effective tool for making workplaces functional for the generational demographics that make up our workforce,” says Melissa Spearman, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Associate and Workplace Leader at DLR Group’s Omaha office.

The once-largest generation in the workplace, baby boomers, are retiring or working primarily in management positions. Spearman says these workers are accustomed to structured environments and formally designed spaces.

“Meanwhile, millennials have claimed their stake as the largest group in today’s workforce,” Spearman says. “Millennials have ridden atop the wave of technological advancement and learned to adapt quickly as new systems emerge. They are already agile and expect the latest technologies to be available in their workplace.”

Sitting in-between are Gen X workers. These employees are excited about the flexibility new workplace methodologies can provide, as long as it contributes to a healthy work-life balance.

The eldest members of Gen Z are finishing college and entering the workforce now. Spearman says her team is still learning about the work style of Gen Z, but it is clear they are agile self-motivators. Personal development is a constant in their lives, and they need space for it in their
future workplaces.

The question Spearman’s team aims to solve for each workplace client is: How can one workplace support, encourage, grow and—most importantly–appeal to all of the generations in the current workforce? Spearman says an agile workplace design methodology encompasses six key principles:

1. Focus Zones—Heads down workspace where employees can focus without interruptions. 

2. Smart and Connected Spaces—Areas with integrated technology for teams and individuals to gather. Spaces can include a huddle room, nook, or any designated areas within the office that allow for use of digital tools and power.

3. Flexibility—Utilizing furniture from a kit of parts to create optimal flexibility and interchangeability.

4. Collaboration Spaces—Areas for employees to engage in quick chats and impromptu collaboration.

5. Teaming Areas—With today’s multifaceted workplace environment, these spaces allow employees to work in teams to solve problems and strategize.

6. Community Space—Expanding the breakroom into a multi-function space for many different uses allows it to be a gathering space for all-office meetings, a place to hold an afterhours event, or a gathering place for others in the
community to enjoy.

“To accommodate today’s varied workforce, DLR Group’s Workplace Studio focuses on designing spaces around motivated individuals,” Spearman says. “Providing an agile environment with a variety of workspace areas to support various generational needs helps employees get
their jobs done.”

DLR Group
6457 Frances Street, Suite 200
Omaha, NE 68106


Farris Engineering

July 21, 2017 by
Photography by Ariel Fried
This sponsored content appears in the Summer 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0817_125/1?e=1413765/50121072


As Farris Engineering celebrates 50 years, its projects cover a wide spectrum—mechanical, electrical, fire protection, lighting, commissioning, construction administration—with a presence both nationwide and close to home, including the Bergan Mercy Medical Center renovation, K-12 schools in Nebraska and Iowa including nine Omaha Public Schools, central energy plants in Omaha and Lincoln, the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska Multisports Complex in La Vista, and many U.S. Air Force and Veterans Affairs projects.

“Farris Engineering is proud of our exceptional engineering design expertise. The tougher the challenge, the more we like the project,” president and CEO Tom Svoboda says. “We focus our designs on energy efficiency and life cycle costs. Recently we have been working to collaborate more with the owners and full design team to come up with optimal solutions.”

Svoboda says he is especially proud of the company’s emphasis on cultivating the next generation through mentoring and internships at both the high school and college level; Farris works with area institutions through programs like ACE Mentor (Architecture-Construction-Engineering) of Omaha and SAME (Society of American Military Engineers).

12700 W. Dodge Road
Omaha, NE 68154

Commercial Flooring Systems, Inc.

July 14, 2017 by
Photography by Ariel Fried
This sponsored content appears in the Summer 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0817_125/1?e=1413765/50121072


When Commercial Flooring Systems Business Development and Project Manager James Vanhauer Jr. describes the company as having a “family atmosphere,” there’s also a literal meaning: he represents the third generation to enter the field, under CEO Jim Sr.

For more than 25 years, the full-service flooring company has built a reputation for not compromising on quality, Vanhauer says. There’s objectivity from working with a range of manufacturers, and maintenance services to ensure the longest-lasting investments—sealing, restoration and polishing are all hot topics around their showroom and office in West Omaha.

Commercial Flooring Systems is a member of Starnet, a worldwide network of flooring professionals that enables their company to stay up to date with current trends. Locally, its work can be seen at such notable facilities as the Nebraska Medical Center-Lauritzen Outpatient Center, Creighton School of Law and Green Plains new corporate headquarters.

“We pride ourselves on doing things the right way and providing the most value, whether it’s with a contractor or directly with an organization,” Vanhauer says. “And our maintenance division offers support services that take that value a step further by reducing our customers’ cost of ownership and replacement costs.”

11008 John Galt Blvd.
Omaha, NE 68137

Alvine Engineering

June 29, 2017 by

This sponsored content appears in the Summer 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0817_125/1?e=1413765/50121072

Alvine Engineering, a leader in the Omaha design community since 1961, offers comprehensive and innovative mechanical, electrical, and fire protection engineering, technology consulting and design, architectural lighting design, and building commissioning services. Engineering innovation is achieved through appropriate problem-solving-blending Science, Art, and Business in all aspects of our services: Science to provide the most responsive technical solutions; Art to bring innovation and apply fresh, new ideas; and Business to understand the Owner’s objectives, budget, and required return on investment.

The Alvine portfolio includes many significant projects across a local, regional, and national footprint, and the firm’s commitment to industry best practices is showcased across diverse market sectors including corporate office, healthcare, education, science and technology, data centers, hospitality, historical preservation, industrial, and military and governmental facilities.

By diversifying the firm’s services and providing an appropriate level of innovation to meet client needs now and in the future, Alvine has completed more than 750 projects in the local Omaha market in the past five years. Alvine has had the opportunity to provide design services for recognizable community partners such as Eppley Airfield, Creighton University, First National Bank, Woodmen of the World, Union Pacific, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Metropolitan Community College, Scott Technology and Data Center, Offutt Air Force Base, the University of Nebraska system, and multiple K-12 school districts.

Our ongoing commitment to Omaha is evidenced by the construction of a headquarters to serve as the corporate office for nearly 100 local design professionals. The mixed-use facility will be located on the corner of 13th and Cass.

1102 Douglas Street
Omaha, Ne 68102

Patsy Sumner and Andrea Brendis

June 19, 2017 by

This sponsored content appears in the Winter 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0217_125/56

Today’s consumers are bombarded with marketing messages every waking moment. These messages come from traditional mediums such as print, TV, radio, and billboard advertising as well as internet-driven digital and social media options that are increasing exponentially. Businesses that will survive and thrive in this rapidly changing environment are the businesses that take steps to make certain that their message isn’t just white noise.

Creating the perfect message is only part of the marketing challenge. In order to drive results, brands need to deliver that message to the right people. This raises questions. Who are those people? Where do you find them? How do you choose the best possibilities on a fixed budget? For any media question, MediaSpark is the answer.

MediaSpark can discover your best audience. Then, they can tell you where to place your message so that the audience can discover you. Most importantly, MediaSpark can measure your results on an ongoing basis to ensure that your message remains current and effective for your unique audience.

Patsy Sumner founded MediaSpark after almost 20 years of corporate marketing and branding experience. She has designed and launched many multifaceted national media campaigns. Not only does she have an excellent grasp of traditional approaches, she is well versed and connected in the new and developing arenas of digital and social media. Patsy specializes in media strategy to maximize your media budget. And, she makes sure that you understand your results helping you to keep your messaging on track.

Andrea Brendis previously represented a national media agency where she gained experience with local, regional, and national media markets. She understands the best possible way to get the most targeted messaging out of any size media budget. She coordinates the performance of integrated media campaigns with her sharp negotiation skills and her relentless attention to client service.

Not only do these ladies have impressive individual backgrounds—they are a real live sister act. MediaSpark clients can be assured of a unique blend of competitive spirit and camaraderie that comes from working with two powerful women who have been “working” together for over 35 years. Their clients find this partnership refreshing in today’s environment of virtual relationships. 

And, if all of that is not enough, these two were born and raised in Omaha and are genuinely committed to the community. Patsy serves on the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Friends Board and Andrea is a Scrubs Ambassador. They are also involved in a number of other charitable endeavors, including The Aksarben Coronation Ball and Scholarship Fund, Angels Among Us, and The Girl Scouts of America.

There is no doubt—you want these sisters on your team. They are a win/win proposition in every sense of the word. They would love to buy you a cup of coffee, listen to your needs, and explore the possibilities.

P.O. Box 540965
Omaha, NE 68154

Kris Metzler

June 16, 2017 by

This sponsored content appears in the Winter 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0217_125/56

As Maple 85 Premium Landscape Mulch Center nears its 20th anniversary, much of its business comes from repeat customers and personal referrals, says president Kris Metzler, who owns the landscape distribution company with husband Todd.

“It’s our customer service. We are very attention-to-detail and we try to make the process as efficient as possible,” she says. The experienced, all-woman office staff is responsible for making a good first impression and providing the kind of care that builds productive and long-lasting relationships with customers, she adds. In turn, they are supported by a warm, family atmosphere with owners who don’t hesitate to pitch in when needed and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty—literally.

Maple 85 provides top-quality mulch and river rock, aggregates, top soil, fill dirt, and Nebraska compost to residential and commercial clients. Customers can also purchase accessories such as landscape fabric and edging. During the winter months, the company provides salt and sand to contractors.

“We offer the most variety of mulch—eight different types and colors,” Metzler says.  “Most of our competitors offer three, maybe four.”

Another way the owners of Maple 85 distinguish their business from the competition is by offering the use of dump trailers for a minimal fee with any size purchase.

“We have different size trailers that we can match up with any size SUV or truck,” she says. “For those customers that don’t have a vehicle to pull a trailer, we can deliver the product to them.  Customer service is our number one priority!”

8415 Maple St.
Omaha, NE 68134


June 15, 2017 by
This sponsored content appears in the Summer 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0817_125/1?e=1413765/50121072

Doug Bisson

Community Planning Manager, HDR

Doug Bisson gets recognized a lot. He’s led a lot of public meetings. But when he joined HDR 17 years ago, he didn’t know he’d have a front row seat to some of the most transformative changes in the region. 

“In the last two decades, Omaha saw a significant amount of redevelopment, and the economic impact has been huge,” says Bisson, HDR’s community planning manager. “With developments like Midtown Crossing and Aksarben Village, and North Downtown, anchored by TD Ameritrade Park, we’ve seen well over a billion dollars in development.  The impacts from these projects reach far. Omaha’s upgrades have created hundreds of new jobs of all kinds. Gone are the days when we were competing with LA and New York to attract the best and the brightest. We’ve become an international community, a great value in and of itself.” 

Each of these projects began with a master plan – a collaboration of smart business leaders, residents and developers who come together to capture a vision of what might be. “I’m proud that I played a part in crafting the framework that allowed such a renaissance. That being said, none of the changes would have been possible without engineers and architects. They are the heroes of strong communities.”

Consider the Omaha of 1917. When HDR’s founder, H.H. Henningson, established his engineering firm in downtown Omaha, he brought the first power lines to many Nebraska towns. His achievements enabled more than late-night reading. Access to power brought a socio-economic sea change for Nebraska residents. 

In celebration of our 100th anniversary, we thought it fitting to ask a few of our own architects and engineers to share how they hope their work will strengthen the community we call home. 

MichaellaWittmann, Director of Sustainability

Fav Project: Making design sustainable

“I started out as an electrical engineer, and I found my passion in making sustainability part of the infrastructure design process.  True sustainable design makes a community strong by protecting the environment while paying for itself. 

Changes like that are taking place in Nebraska.  At Bellevue University, I’m giving input to faculty creating an outdoor lab that lets students design sustainable systems, like collecting storm water to fill ponds in which algae can be harvested to create biofuels.  It’s a beautiful circle.  I’m proud to be a part of that story.

I hope that one day, sustainable infrastructure design will become routine on a global scale.  That’s why I serve on the board for the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure in DC.  If I can help write the guidelines, I’m doing my part to bring this vision to life.”

Teresa Konda, Water/Wastewater Engineer

Fav Project:Making water safe

“One of my first projects was MUD’s Platte West drinking water facility.  I was lucky – brand new facilities come along maybe once every 30 years.  Platte West created a new drinking water supply for our expanding community. 

Now I’m working on the opposite end of the spectrum, working on upgrades at the historic MUD Florence water treatment plant.

Our utilities have done a wonderful job of securing water supply and making continuous improvements to our infrastructure.  Availability of water is a key factor in attracting new business, and that’s important for our long-term economic strength. 

I became a water engineer because I liked chemistry, biology and engineering.  I liked that I could use my interests as a problem-solving tool. And, providing safe water, critical to public health, feels good, too.”

Mike Hamilton, Design Principal

Fav Project: Inspiring tomorrow’s designers

“Investing in—and inspiring—children can only make our communities stronger. I couldn’t be more excited about working with students through the Boy Scouts of America, local schools and at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I am an adjunct professor and lecturer.

I am especially proud of the Kaneko Architecture Design Camps, which I helped create five years ago for kids ages 11 to 18. The camps explore how we can shape our built environment to improve the urban condition—and how all of us can influence the cultural fabric of our communities. Through exercises like walking tours, 3D modeling and prototyping, kids see that they have the power to make the built environment better—and that they can truly make an impact. I really enjoy exposing younger generations to that power.”

Sonja Kapoun-Roof

June 9, 2017 by

This sponsored content appears in the Winter 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0217_125/56

Before she became the owner of a Pinot’s Palette franchise, Sonja Kapoun-Roof participated in the sip-wine-while-you-paint-a-picture activity as an enthusiastic patron. The experience delivered an extra benefit.

“I bought an evening to paint with one of my good friends for her birthday and had a great time,” she explains. “I also found it to be very helpful with my stress.”

When the accountant lost her job at ConAgra, she remembered the fun she had at Pinot’s Palette. The Bellevue resident believed this creative activity—perfect for girls night out or date night—would fill a niche in Sarpy County.

The studio (due to open in January) will offer wine, beer, and soda as customers unleash their inner Picasso on a large canvas. Currently, a mobile unit can bring the painting supplies anywhere.

Each session offers a specific picture to recreate. A professional artist walks everyone through each step of the process.


Patricia Regan

June 2, 2017 by

This sponsored content appears in the Winter 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0217_125/56

After 30 successful years, Patricia Catering and Cocktails gets a lot of repeat business—some of it even multigenerational.

“Customers and guests at events remember us and seek us out even years later,” owner Patricia Regan says. “We currently have one bride coming to us to cater her wedding reception because we catered her parents’ reception years ago, and they loved the service. We have been doing business with some of our corporate clients for well over 20 years.”

The team is knowledgeable, respectful, helpful, and takes tremendous pride in both product and presentation, Regan says.

“We provide food and cocktails for corporate needs and special events,” she explains. “We also provide professional and timely service for our customers, from delivery and set-up to full-scale events with linens, china, bar service, and everything else that is needed for the success of our customers’ events.”

In the catering business, Regan says that relationships are paramount. “We look at each customer as a partnership in success,” she says. “Success for them is success for us, too.”


Audra Gude

May 26, 2017 by

This sponsored content appears in the Winter 2017 edition of B2B. To view, click here: https://issuu.com/omahapublications/docs/b2b_0217_125/56

Audra Gude lives and works by a very simple rule: “I will never expect my team to do something that I have not done or am not willing to do myself,” says the managing partner at Midwest Ultrasonic. “You will never learn new skills if you don’t get your hands dirty.”

It’s with that mantra that Gude leads her team. Midwest Ultrasonic provides ultrasonic cleaning of window blinds and shades, golf clubs and bags, and sporting gear and pads.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the process that uses sound waves with water and detergent. “Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes sound wave technology to eradicate soil, odor, and harmful bacteria for items even in the smallest crevices,” says Gude.

It’s that motivation to clean in a safe way with fair pricing that Gude says makes clients feel like part of the family.

Couple that with a laidback work environment filled with incredibly dedicated, hardworking team members and Gude says she knows she has the perfect combination for great customer service and fantastic products.

“We all want to be able to deep clean items in a safe way, using detergents that don’t harm our family members, children, and the environment,” she says.

She also works hard to be a positive role model for women inside and outside of the organization—including working mothers.

Recognizing that they often struggle with being away from their kids during the day, she says she wants to provide a service that allows them to keep their home and the items in the home clean while not taking away from their family time in the evenings and on the weekends.

“My ladies are part of my family,” she says. “We all work hard, laugh hard, and support each other in and out of the office. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to come to work every day and enjoy the people you work with.”

Gude is also managing partner for another business in addition to Midwest Ultrasonic. FRSTeam is a fabric restoration company that helps families restore their textiles after fire or water damage.

Working in a family business, Gude says whenever she has any doubts, she remembers back to some somewhat harsh advice from her father. It still resonates with her every day—and motivates her wanting to do the right thing.

“When I was looking at coming into the family business back in my 20s, my father looked me square in the eye and told me, ‘You provide zero value to my company. I do not need another body. Go find a real job,’” says Gude, who joined the family dry cleaning business nine years ago after completing two degrees at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln.

“That has resonated with me with all that I do within our family businesses,” she says. “I want to be known for doing the right thing and doing it with a smile. At the end of the day, I want my husband and my daughters to be proud of me.”

3305 S 66th Ave. Cir.
Omaha, NE 68106