Sharing Omaha

June 16, 2015 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Publications, Social Media

This article appeared in in the summer 2015 issue of B2B. Of the 318 million U.S. citizens, can you venture to guess how many use social media? The answer came at a recent eTourism conference—67% […]

PTO on the Go

Jack & Jack

August 13, 2014 · Posted In: Humor, Omaha Magazine, People On the Rise, Social Media

It has been said that all glory is fleeting. Nobody knows that better than recent Westside High School grads Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson. They’ve found online fame in a big way—all in the most […]

How Should Your Business

April 21, 2014 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Publications, Social Media

When approaching Twitter as a tool for business, consider that you can use Twitter lists—curated lists of users relevant to a specific topic—as a resource for closely following conversations of key influencers. For companies like […]

LinkedIn’s New Office

Marketing Ethics

FaceTime equals family time.


January 8, 2014 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Social Media

Thanks to Saturday Night Live’s runaway hit sketch “#Hashtag” last September, even people living under rocks have heard of hashtags. If you’re in charge of your business’ social media, however, you may not be any […]

Social Media

December 7, 2013 · Posted In: Family, HerFamily, Social Media, Teen Voices

Social media has become a constant in our daily lives over the past few years. For my generation, Facebook started the trend. Everyone had an account during its prime. Facebook was essential in keeping up […]

Time to Get LinkedIn

August 26, 2013 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Social Media

I like Facebook. I entered this social media space with a passion, thanks to the Creighton students I was teaching at the time. I have more than 1,000 friends, including my four teens, because I […]