Grant Stanley

August 28, 2013 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Entrepreneurs, People On the Rise

Anyone familiar with his personal and business histories knows Grant Stanley is a natural-born entrepreneur. Stanley learned first-hand about his desire to be his own boss when he instinctively started his first business as an elementary school […]

Dan Susman

June 20, 2013 · Posted In: Lifestyle, Omaha Magazine, People, People On the Rise

Behind the glass doors and up the stairs at 2626 Harney St., Dan Susman sits tucked away from the world with just his computer equipment, morning coffee, and a big smile slapped on his face. […]

Corianna Kubasta

Posted In: Lifestyle, Nonprofit, Omaha Magazine, People, People On the Rise

Second-year Creighton University Law student Corianna Kubasta may not be a bonafide attorney just yet, but she’s already got a cause she’s fighting for—the Wounded Warrior Project and its mission to honor and empower those […]

Chad Eacker

May 25, 2013 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Business, Lifestyle, People, People On the Rise

As creative director and co-owner of Delinea Design in Downtown Omaha, Chad Eacker has made it his mission to pay attention to the details, whether that means working on his clients’ advertising campaigns or finding […]

Kate Walz

April 25, 2013 · Posted In: Fashion, Omaha Magazine, People, People On the Rise

Kate Walz’s laid-back attitude serves her well in her line of work. At 16, she’s the youngest fashion designer to show at Omaha Fashion Week (a title she’s held since she was 13, as a […]

Amy Mather

February 25, 2013 · Posted In: B2B Magazine, Entertainment, People, People On the Rise, Places

“People fascinate me.” So says Amy Mather, adult program manager at Omaha Public Library and host of the podcast “Whatever Mathers.” Friends and acquaintances had been telling her to post her knowledge of the city, […]

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