December 30, 2015 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Were earplugs on the baby gift registry when Townes Norman was in the womb?

Here he is with parents Andrew and Angie, co-founders of Hear Nebraska, the cultural nonprofit organization that cultivates Nebraska’s vibrant music and arts community by providing resources and a voice for bands, artists, and other members of Nebraska’s creative class along with the people and businesses that support them.

The family schedule is something of a whirlwind, but even more so in the summer when Townes hits the road with mom and dad (formerly the managing editor of local alternative newsweeklies The Reader and the now defunct City Weekly) for Hear Nebraska’s Good Living Tour, a free, all-ages concert series hosted in nine outdoor settings and traditional venues all across the state.

Happy travels, Townes. And don’t forget to wear those ear plugs.

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