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You may have noticed FW Bank’s recent media campaign. Throughout the year the bank has run ads featuring their business customers who express appreciation for how the bank has helped them reach their goals.

Intrigued by the campaign in the context of this B4B column, I reached out to CEO Chris Murphy to inquire about the bank’s philosophy in this realm. “It seems logical that your banker is the one who should be for you,” he says. “But it’s amazing to me how many of our business banking customers first come to us because they just weren’t feeling valued by their bank. Not only are we the perfect size to get to know our customers on a personal level, we make it our business to do so. We are built around a service philosophy that inspires us to embrace our customers’ goals and do all we can to help them achieve them.”

FW Bank cut its teeth in the business as First Westroads Bank in 1967. Murphy says it is the bank’s history and heritage of serving the greater Omaha community that keeps them grounded in being for the businesses they serve. “We realized long ago that our strength would be in helping others be strong and grow in this community. It’s the old aphorism, ‘high tides raise all boats,’ and when business wins in Omaha, we all win,” he adds.

By all counts FW Bank’s customers are in the boat. Their comments range from, “It’s more than the best rate. It’s about the best relationship” to “They work hard to find solutions for our needs.” “Our companies grew up together. We care about the same things,” another customer professed.

Everyone wants an advocate in business and in life. Businesses being for other businesses is something beyond the technical, the specifications, the contracts. It’s visceral, meaningful, and garners results.

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