February 18, 2015 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Shoes and boots coming out of the Gucci, Manolo Blahnek, and Claudia Ciuti fashion houses can carry a pretty hefty price tag.

“My husband says I’ve become something of a shoot freak, something of a junior Imelda Marcos,” says the homeowner of this handsome Downtown living space.

Her collection of about 50 pairs of footwear certainly deserves to be pampered, but doesn’t storing them in a walk-in safe seem to be taking things just a bit too far?

The rich patina of the safe manufactured by the Harrigan Safe Co. of Kansas City was probably a lot less rusticated when it sat in the president’s office of the furniture company warehouse that once occupied the building. Today the space has been converted to a beautifully designed and appointed
two-level condo.

But doesn’t she ever worry about access to her most unusual of closets? What if she forgets the combination? What would Imelda do?

“Nothing stands between me and my closet,” the homeowner says. “Just to be ‘safe’ [pun intended], we had the mechanism welded open a long time ago.”



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