September 16, 2014 by
Photography by Sarah Lemke

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with this cheap, easy, and most organic of DIY projects. All you need is a pair of pruning sheers and an empty, re-purposed picture frame to create this clever wall sculpture.

An unexpected bonus comes in this work of earthy art when the tendrils of twigs cast their irregular shadows, doppelganger-style, on the adjoining wall. The play of light and shadow can be downright mesmerizing!

Be sure to use a varied mix of straight-ish and bent sticks and twigs. That’s how you’ll achieve yet another “happy accident” where your previously 2-D picture frame now creates a decidedly 3-D vibe as your assemblage veritably bursts from the frame, taking on a sculptural look in a composition that morphs into new patterns with each different angle.

Cues for the Clueless:

Are you an apartment-dweller? Or is your yard just plain naked? The floral department of any big box hobby store is loaded with pre-cut bundles of inspiration for how to fill your frame.

We used glue to secure twigs harvested from backyard shrubbery, but a staple gun would have slashed assembly time for this one.


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