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Good study habits are just that…habits. Using a structured approach to homework builds strong study habits, ones that set the stage for your child’s academic success. Let’s look at The Five W’s of homework—the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of how to have your kids start the school year with a solid plan for learning.


  • Good homework strategies start in the classroom. Know your children’s teachers and their expectations.
  • Having your child study with a friend runs the risk of turning book time into social time, but quizzing each other in a “study buddy” environment can be particularly effective in the days leading up to tests.


  • Help your kids understand how to sort homework tasks by level of difficulty and have them tackle tougher assignments first.
  • If fatigue becomes an issue later in a study session, the remaining, easier work will seem like a breeze by comparison.  


  • Establish a set time for homework. This is perhaps the single most important benchmark of good study habits.
  • Don’t expect kids to be able to do homework the minute they walk in the door after school. This is a time of day when they need to decompress, and there is nothing like a little much-needed physical activity at this time of day to recharge young minds.


  • Set up a designated study area other than your child’s bedroom that has good lighting and comfortable furniture.
  • Make sure the study area is stocked with whatever materials are required for the task at hand…pencils, paper, laptop, scissors, etc.


  • When parents take a supportive, active role in homework, kids are more successful in their academic efforts.

Read the point above three more times. Then clip it and tape it on your vanity mirror. After that, visit a tattoo parlor and have those same words executed in ink on your…oh, never mind. You get the idea…   


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