May 1, 2014 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann

Our exploration of the city’s smallish living spaces continues with a trip over to “Swanny 9,” the ninth floor of Creighton University’s Swanson Hall. It was there in the tiny, 11.5 by 15-foot confines of Room 912 that we found freshmen Adrienne Pyle and Caitlin Wright.

Pyle, a pre-med student from Des Moines, and Wright, her pre-law roomie from Prior Lake, Minn., were deep in a cram session. The crushing weight of midterms was upon them, and there certainly wasn’t any time for…

Scholarly pursuits on Swanny 9 can shift to decidedly more social affairs at a moment’s notice. In what seemed like 10 seconds flat the room took on the appearance of a Tokyo subway car during rush hour, and the needle of a decibel meter would have been quivering somewhere between “hair metal band” and “jet takeoff.”

Funny thing is that we didn’t even set a record that day. “Getting 25 people in here is still pretty cozy,” Wright explains.

“No way,” Pyle replies. “Make that more like 30!”


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