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Senior year, can you believe it? All of this hard work is finally paying off, and we can see the victory sign ahead. But no one can prepare us for what we will actually have to go through to put our dreams into reality. So let’s just focus on this last semester and finishing out strong.

This last semester is a waiting game. Everyone gets excited to see who will get some money out of the giant money pot of scholarships.

Me, personally, I’m terrified.

What if I didn’t say the right things in my essay or what if I forgot a reference letter? Trust me, everything that could possibly go wrong is spinning in my head. I’m trying to just worry about my goals—get some scholarships and stay on track with my grades—and look forward to a few possible experiences this last semester.

I’m already thinking about summer as well. I plan on getting an internship as a messenger at a local paper. Just getting your foot in the door and making yourself known can spark so many different opportunities and adventures. Also, this is the last summer before we start college. It’s when we really start feeling like, wow, I did it. I would like to make this summer as memorable as possible, even with a little work at my part-time job every so often.

During the summer, we try not to worry about the overall picture. I’m already thinking of all the dreams that I have for college and all my expectations. I hope to live in the dorms at University of Nebraska-Omaha and study journalism, along with being involved in clubs and activities.

I do have one fear.

I’m scared that on the first day, I’ll wake up late, and then there will be nowhere to park, and I won’t be able to find my class, and I’ll live the rest of my college career thinking about that one embarrassing moment. Oh, yeah, and spilling coffee on the cute guy in class.
Things happen.

But really, graduation is a big moment for me and many of my peers. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring.


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