February 7, 2014 by
Photography by Bill Sitzmann


This edition of “Room” explores one of the many mysteries of the Joslyn Castle. Exactly how the family used the fourth-floor Turret Room has been lost to history. Shown here in the perfectly octagonal room is the dog collar of Modjeska, the Joslyn’s beloved St. Bernard. The pet was named for Sarah Joslyn’s friend, the Polish-born Shakespearean actress Madame Helena Modjeska. It is said that on the most ethereal of midnights, Modjeska’s keening howl still echoes from the this long off-limits aerie.

Okay, so we totally invented the ghostly half of this story, but it doesn’t change the fact that there is something downright otherwordly about this space, one that is both a literal and figurative highpoint of the Joslyn Castle.


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