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Photography by Bill Sitzmann

At 64, Steve Hipple defies his age both in his youthful appearance and adventure-loving spirit. Hipple works out five days a week: 30 minutes of weight lifting followed by 30 minutes of aerobics. He also attends hot yoga class twice a week, sharing, “I find that yoga increases my strength, flexibility, and mobility. It also eases tension and tightness, increases my energy, and encourages an overall positive and
enlightened attitude.”

Hipple has a strong interest in wine and food and maintains a large cellar of the world’s finest wines. As chairman of the Festival and Events Committee for the International Wine & Food Society, he organizes wine festivals and cruises for members all around the world. Gourmet dining is one of his many interests. “I enjoy exotic foods matched perfectly with just the right wine.”

The empty-nester with two children says, “My wife, Patti, and I love adventure traveling, especially by motorcycle. We have explored many parts of the world including France and Spain, and have traveled from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to the tip of South America. We crashed three times, outran robbers in Panama, and suffered extortion at the hands of Mexican police. In Venezuela, we swam at the bottom the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, slept everywhere from five-star hotels to no-star hotels, and ate everything from Argentinean beef to guinea pig.”

Seeing the world from the seat of a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, Hipple shared. “You can feel Mother Nature in all her guises: rain with slippery, muddy roads in the Amazon jungle…snow, ice, and sleet in Patagonia…and fierce winds and altitude sickness in the Andes Mountains of Peru.” Sight-seeing from a sedan is not for him. “Traveling by auto is like sitting in your 72-degree living room watching the Travel Channel in hi-definition.”

Hipple’s advice for living a healthy, active, long life: “Find what you like and do it. Enjoy life by staying fit, be sociable, and follow your passions.”

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